You’re probably wondering…

What’s the Visibility Alliance?

visibility alliance-5.png

Well, for starters…

Visibility Alliance is a community of business owners and service providers who want more visibility for their business AND are willing to help other professionals achieve their goals.

It's for those who want to up-level their business while up-leveling the members of their community.

The Visibility Alliance was created by Erica Castner to help the busiest professionals find, connect and convert more clients through building quality business relationships. 

The Visibility Alliance based on the principle of the quality of your clients is determined by the quality of your circle of influence. 

Want quality clients? You’ve gotta have a quality network to help you…

BUT you’ve gotta be a quality person FIRST…

In addition to having access to a community of quality professionals, Visibility Alliance members will get to tap into additional resource to fast track their professional success. Some of these resources will be free and some will have a fee. All resources will require you to invest your time into making them work for you.

The Visibility Alliance is for those who: 

  • Strive excellence in their profession
  • Constantly working on making themselves better than the day before. 
  • Commit to: expanding their presence, being of service to others, growing their circle of influence, investing in their personal/professional development
  • Understand the importance of building quality business relationships. 

The Visibility Alliance is NOT for those who: 

  • Whine and complain but offer no solution to solve their own problems
  • Don’t follow through
  • Expect success to be handed to them
  • Only want to “self-promote”…there’s a time and place for this but not all the dang time

From time to time, members of the Visibility Alliance will be encouraged to connect with other members of the group. Please be respectful of other professionals’ time. 

Visibility Alliance is a “service first mentality” community. If you are only here to serve yourself…save everyone the time and trouble and don’t apply.

Otherwise, if the Visibility Alliance seems like a community you can jive with, take a few moments to complete the short application below!

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