035: Proclamation of Persistence Podcast with Robert Riopel

Show Topic: "Passion Fuels Success: Simple Steps to Creating the Life We Desire"

Erica:    You're tuning in to the Queen of Results Proclamation of Persistence, episode 35. Today's episode is all about taking our existing passions and fueling them into the success that we want to create as we build the life and business we absolutely desire. Stay tuned. 

    Thank you so much for tuning in to yet another episode of the Queen of Results Proclamation of Persistence. My name is Erica Castner and I'm the host. But I'm also the founder of Queen of Results. A coaching company that's dedicated to helping busy professionals connect with awesome resources to grown and develop their business. 

    Today we have an amazing show for you today, I'm so super excited about our guest. But before I get into introducing our guest let me ask you, do you feel like your success blueprint is so close yet so far away? And do you also feel you have many gifts to share and you could be super successful with sharing those gifts to help so many people but you just don't know the next step into helping the masses. Today's guest actually has a ton of experience and I'm so glad that he's going to be sharing his story on how he changes the lives of people all over the globe with his special message.

    With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert Riopel has been blessed to travel around the world helping over 200,000 people find their passions and financial freedom. Now in his humble beginnings in Calgary, he invested in a pizza franchise that ultimately ended up leaving him $150,000 in debt. Just nine months later Robert and his wife Roxanne turned that debt around and was able to retire and be financially free by the age of 32. Now as an author and a trainer Robert helps non-leaders become leaders and guides existing leaders to become exceptional leaders in their field in just a short period of time.

    Without further ado, please help me welcome Robert Riopel to the show. Hey Robert, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to join our audience.

Robert:    Oh my pleasure and thanks for having me on Erica, totally appreciate it.

Erica:    Some of you guys that listen to my podcast or have read a Facebook post I have probably shared some sort of wisdom on this man, Robert Riopel. I'm just so thrilled that we're actually getting a chance to talk today and I know you're going to be sharing with our audience today some really good tips on how people can start getting in the action of moving towards accomplishing their dreams and accomplishing their purpose. Why don't you tell a little bit about where you come from and how you got to this space of really empowering people to live out their fullest potential in their own world. How did you get to this space?

Robert:    It's interesting Erica, I believe that anybody who really has anything to teach has it to teach because they've gone through life. It's not been because their life has been perfect. It's because they've actually gone through the same struggles and stresses. Instead of being shut down by it, it's actually helped them grow because they've looked at it and said what's my lesson. They don't get it right away but down the road eventually all of a sudden something hits them, they go wow, okay, I did learn something from that. Because I didn't give up look at where my life is now and then they go on to teach other people which is one of the greatest gives, I believe, a person can give anybody. Is instead of being shut down by life you take the lessons and then you help other people.

    How can I help them get through what I got through, but maybe a little easier so they don't have the same struggles. That's been my life is I've gone through journeys and I keep going, where do I want to go, how do I make sure I go in a direction I do and if life throws me a curve ball how do I get back on track? Just have a positive outlook about it. I guess that's been what's allowed me to get to where I am today where I get to be on stage traveling around the world, helping a lot of people and having a lot of fun.

Erica:    Let's talk about that for a second because your journey didn't necessarily start on stage. You were doing something entirely different before you got into that space of teaching your lessons on main stages across the globe. You're not only just in the United States, you're in Asia, you're crushing it and doing your thing all over the world and really living out your purpose. How did you get from ... I don't want to tell your story, I want you to tell your story. How did you get ... Because I don't want to botch it up. You obviously lived your story but how did you get from what you were doing to all of a sudden saying, I'm now in Asia and I'm speaking to 1,000 people in a platform that I wasn't even doing 20 years ago? How did you get from point A to point B?

Robert:    One of the things I was taught like a lot of people growing up, especially in North America, if you work hard and you stayed loyal to a company, that company's going to take care of you. As all your listeners are probably right now rolling their eyes going yeah, that's not true in today's world. It hasn't been true for a long time but that's what I was taught when I was a child and so that's what I did.

    When I entered the workforce by the time I turned 21 I'd worked for three different companies and the interesting thing was, I was working hard, I was staying loyal but I got laid off or downsized from each one. At the time I didn't get it, it crushed me, especially when the third one company laid me off and I'm like what the heck is going on here? I look back now and probably the greatest lesson I ever learned is that if I wanted any kind of success in my life I had to take control of that success. At the time where I live here in Alberta, in Canada, we were going through an oil bust. Not a lot of work and I went and did what I was taught. Put on the suit and the tie and jacket to go and look for that real job. There was no real jobs out there, so I decided to do something until I found a real job.

    I ended up delivery pizzas for a little pizza delivery company called Domino's Pizza and I think your listeners have probably heard of that company. I started being a pizza delivery guy, went on to become a manager, found that I really wanted to own my own Domino's Pizza and be a franchisee. Problem is my wife and I didn't have any money. We have one of the critical things to our success, we have passion. I'm going to suggest that especially your listeners, maybe they may be feeling burdened or bogged down or not sure where they're going to be able to go forward. If they have passion, if they know they have a dream and they're willing to take one step at a time and move towards that dream, they can achieve what they want in their life.

    We took that passion, moved towards it, ended up going on to becoming franchisees for nine years owning a few locations and that was great. But the other life lesson we learned is when as we started making more money we started spending more money. That was what our blueprint was set for. Within eight years of being franchisees we actually ended up being over $150,000 in debt. And I laugh now because at the time it was not funny but I can look back and laugh because it was one of those turning points in our life. 

    Being in debt led us to amazing training that you're very aware of, which is the Millionaire Mind and from that training taking the principles we learned, we ended up going from $150,000 in debt to being retired, financially free nine months later at the age of 32. All of a sudden next thing you know found my passion was to teach, went on to start do warm ups, helping do a little data, teaching the information that had transformed my life and now I'm transforming lives around the world with that information. Helping people to go from struggle to knowing what it is to have that financial freedom. Going from stress and feeling overwhelmed to going this is my life, I can have fun, I can create my reality. That's what I do today, in a nutshell, that's it. 

Erica:    That seems so logical. Walking through it like some of those principles that you just shared, some of that's logic and you touched on a very important thing with the Millionaire Mind experience is really getting some foundation. I think that was what was interesting for me when I've seen other people teach that course, I know you teach that course in other parts of the world. When I am in front of you and learning from you and you're in that power you're really about building that foundation and really building that practical sense of saying, you know what, this is the applied stuff that we've got to put into daily action.

    The end result, the stuff that we all want, we want the financial freedom, we want to be stress free, we want to be in better relationships with our partners and our kids. Those are all the things that we want but if we're not willing to do the foundation stuff, the stuff that's not necessarily pretty or not necessarily the easiest stuff to do, then we're setting the stage for our own detriment. You put it in such a beautiful way whenever I see you present and even when we're on calls like this, it's so nice to hear your gentle voice put it in such a really practical way that's easy for people to understand and take action with it. 

    With that said, with all the things that you've achieved, what do you attribute to be one of your biggest achievements and maybe what were some of the steps to get you to accomplishing that goal?

Robert:    I laugh because I believe you mentioned a lot of your listeners might be single parents, maybe feeling a little overwhelmed and to me it's allowing this space. One of my greatest achievements is allowing the space to attract an amazing person into my life that ... Amazing not because they agree with everything I say, or they are always supportive of everything I want to do, but they support me by holding me to a higher standard and not allowing me to play a smaller game then what I am. That is my amazing wife Roxanne.

    Here we are a woman who I was clueless, I didn't know she was interested in me and she pursued what she wanted which was to get my attention which she did. We met when we were 13, we started going out when we were 16, we got married when we were 19 and we've now been married 26 years and I'm not going to say it's always been an easy journey but what's been amazing about it and why I would consider it my greatest accomplishment is because she is my heart, she is my soul and I would ... Left to my own devices I would be in that overwhelmed state, I would've probably quit dreaming. Which I'm going to tell you listeners right now, one of the worst things you can do is to stop dreaming. If you do that you're putting yourself into a tougher position.

    No matter how busy your life is you've got to dream and not only dream but start dreaming big, bigger and bigger and bigger. Then throughout this call I can give you a couple tips on how to get those dreams because I can hear it in people's heads right now. They're going yeah, Robert, you don't get my life, you don't get what's going on with my kids and my family and how I don't have time to dream. I'll give them some practical steps on how they can actually do that and take it to reality.

    Left to my own devices I would have quit dreaming and I would be comfortably miserable, probably in a nine to five job or somewhere where I'm not going very far. Because she's willing to hold me to a higher standard and not allow me to play a smaller game and is there to support me that way in be there with my wins, pick me up when I fall but also kick my butt when I need it. I would say that's been my biggest accomplishment is having her in my life. 

Erica:    I really love Roxanne, I've had a chance to meet her a couple of times and she is ... It's beautiful to see the exchange that goes on between the two of you. In the short amount of time that I've seen you and her together it's really amazing and clearly you guys do have this beautiful friendship and beautiful relationship. It does take a little bit of elbow grease on both people's parts to make it flow and to make it work and you guys do a beautiful job of doing that.

    I want to touch on something that you mentioned with thinking about people when you said if you were left to your own devices and stop dreaming. There are so many people right now that have simply given up because either what they set out to do was too hard or too ... They just didn't have the right tools or the right steps to really position them to accomplish their dreams. In your opinion what do you think keeps people from really living out their dreams?

Robert:    Yes Erica, one of the things I've noticed from traveling around the world, teaching over 200,000 people is I notice there's five very critical steps for people being able to live that life they really want. The first step I identified is that part about dreaming. As children we dreamed big, anything was possible. Oh my goodness, I remember sitting down and one day I'm a truck driver, next day I'm a lawyer, next day I'm a doctor. Anything and everything was possible but as we get older and life kicks in it's almost like that gets drummed out of us. We start not dreaming as big.

    I tell people, I want you to go back and go into that space like you're a child and ask yourself if anything was possible, if I knew I could not fail what would I do and start dreaming big. But Robert I can't live my dreams just like you mentioned. My life, you don't know what's going on, I can't dream anymore, you don't understand. One of the reasons we don't think we can dream is we get overwhelmed. The second step to helping people achieve their dreams is once you've got that dream in place, you then find a mentor or you find someone to model from. Chances are if there's something you want to accomplish in life, chances are someone else has already done it. 

    Don't be afraid to say who has done this and then find a way to mentor from them or model from them. This is why I love books. I love especially biographies. It's easy to look at someone else's success and think they had it easy, I could never do that, they were in the right place, they had the proper education, whatever it is. But when you look at their life and you look at their journey you can see the ups and downs. You may be able to relate that oh my goodness, I'm not the only one who goes through this struggle. You find the mentor or model. That also allows you then to break that dream down from what does it look like, to bite size chunks, to what's my very first step. What can I do today to go in the direction I want to go in and then take that step. Dream big, find a mentor or someone to model from. 

    Then the third thing I encourage people, and this is the one, you can have the biggest dream in the world Erica, and you can have the greatest mentors in the world, or people to model from, but if you don't take action you're not going to go anywhere. Especially for busy, single parents, busy business owners, whatever it is. This is one of the ones that holds them back and this is why it's critical instead of trying to be 1,000 steps ahead of yourself on at that final goal if breaking it back down into, if that goal is three to five years from now what would it look like a year from now? Once you get that vision, what would that look like 30 days from now? What actions can I take in the next 30 days to make that a reality. From those actions, what actions can I take in the next seven days and from those actions, what actions can I take in the next day?

    You bring it to those bite size pieces where now you can be very, very present because as the saying goes, success comes one step at a time. I think that's one of the things that's worked really well for you, would you agree?

Erica:    I would hope so. Because again people look at ... I think that people look at you or they would look at me and they would say, "Oh my gosh, they have it all figured out and they know what they're doing and they're rock stars." But it's oh my gosh, if they knew what was going on behind the scenes and the internal struggles. I'm not perfect, I don't want to speak for you, but nobody's perfect. We've all got these little things that are working ... They're not necessarily always working with us so just taking that step day after day and doing those things that are necessary to move us forward in action. Instead of just planning, planning, planning and never doing anything with it. Planning doesn't necessarily get done, that's important and I don't want to discourage people from not planning but sometimes that planning stuff trips people up and they say I've got to have this figured out before I can move onto the next.

    Say no, just go do it and figure it out later. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Robert:    I would rather have, as the saying goes, I would rather have sloppy success than perfect failure. That's where the forth, for me the fourth step comes really into play is because as you're taking action people don't take time to celebrate their successes, celebrate where they're at. The forth step is as you have your successes, no matter how small your mind makes them celebrate. Write down five successes every day. Have a little success journal, write down five successes that allowed you to ... Okay I got out of bed. As you know Erica, and this is probably something big for a lot of your listeners, especially if they're struggling on their own. Even getting out of bed some day is a huge success, so acknowledge it. Don't beat yourself up for oh I slept in today or I didn't feel like really getting up. No, you know what, I got out of bed, yes. Look I'm still breathing, yes. I have an amazing family, yes. I got the dishes done, awesome.

    By celebrating those successes it will empower a person to move forward. Actually one of the really critical keys a lot of people don't realize, the smaller your mind makes a success the more you actually want to celebrate it. Because one of the ways your mind holds you where you are because it doesn't want you to change, is it will see something that knows will ... If you notice it and acknowledge it you're going to change your life and you're going to actually step into greatness and actually make some changes. It'll freak out and ... One of the ways it combats you is to try to make that a small success.

    Maybe people have heard these words. That was no big deal. Anybody could have done that. Why do you think that was such a big thing? The gentler your mind tries to talk to you or make the smaller tries to make the success, the moment you notice it, celebrate it. Ah ha, caught you, nice try, not going to happen and celebrate it bigger. Watch what that does to elevate your forward. That's the fourth step. 

    The fifth thing I've noticed really isn't to me I guess a step, but it's a message. I encourage people to believe in themselves. Believe how amazing they are. Everything you've done in life, everything that's happened has been part of your journey and it's made you who you are. Be gentle with yourself and don't beat up with yourself. Don't beat yourself up. I'm not saying give yourself ... Use this as a reason to not get up and or watch more TV or whatever. But own how amazing you are and when you notice yourself getting tough take a deep breath and say, "Look, I'm still here and I'm taking one step at a time." And honor that. Watch inspirational videos, listen to inspirational podcasts like what you put on here Erica to help move you forward. Get together with an accountability partner, someone that ... Know your agreement with them is, if I'm having a tough day or a tough time can I just call you? Use that as a way of inspiring yourself forward.

    Do something every day that lifts your spirit a little bit more because as you believe in yourself the more you do, the more you're going to be able to see life goes in a direction you want. Life is not an easy journey and it's not meant to be. If life was easy, you wouldn't have what you have in your life. No matter how tough life is, especially for those single parents out there. When life gets tough look at the amazing people you've brought into the world and that you've had a part in their lives and ask yourself, what would I want to model for them? Do I want a model for them to think that they have to struggle and stress or do I want to model for them that you can have an amazing life? Not always easy necessarily but you can have an amazing life.

    I've not had an easy life and I wouldn't want it any other way. Everything I've gone through has made me who I am today and I honor that. That's I guess what my message would be.

Erica:    Well and I honor you for sharing that because those were ... I mean again, five simple ways to really put achieving greatness into a very, very a tangible form. It's something that's attainable if we're just following those five simple steps and carrying that out in to our daily routines every single day, it's amazing what will transpire. 

    I want to touch on this because I think it's so important and I love it. It's part of your core but I think as we're building our dreams and as we're in that path of achieving our own greatness there comes a time where we've got to be putting the focus and the energy on maybe other people. I think there's a lot of working mom's out there that put so many hats on their own head and they say, "I've got to take on the weight of the world and I can't serve one more thing. I can't possibly put one more thing on my plate." But that thought process is a little defeating isn't it? On some level if they're giving of themselves and they're really maybe extending their handout to other people to say how can I help pull you up or bring you up to that next level? Energetically it moves people up to a different level doesn't it?

Robert:    Absolutely and for people who get overwhelmed and it's something you and I were talking about earlier. One of the things that's really been a blessing is my life is I ask myself two questions whenever I'm getting presented with another opportunity or another next best thing or I need you to help me with this or I need you to commit to that. I always ask myself two questions and would you like to know what those questions are?

Erica:    Absolutely.

Robert:    I just wanted to check. 

Erica:    Bring it on, bring it on.

Robert:    It is so easy to get overwhelmed thinking you have to take on everything. When someone asks me to be part of something I do go into what you and I know is called the warrior. Because a warrior gives 100% or they give zero because if I'm going to go into something I'm going to give 100% but that's where being overwhelmed comes in. Is because people commit to too much. One of the ways that allows me to get rid of 95 plus percent of all but great opportunity or the things I feel maybe I have to do is I ask myself the first question. Is this in alignment with my mission? Is this alignment with who I am, what I'm passionate about? If it's a yes, I'll ask the second question. If it's a no, it ends right there and it's I'm sorry I can't. This is not something that I can do. 

    The second question is does this move me? Actually I'm going to reword it. Does this move me towards my mission is the way I would phrase the first one. And the second question is, is this in alignment with my vision? Does it move me towards my mission? Is it in alignment with my vision? And my vision is my vehicle, what I'm doing right now to achieve my mission in life. If it's a yes to both then I'll take a deeper look at something. If it's a no to either one then that's it. No questions asked, sorry, doesn't work. 

    People go yeah but Robert, what if people go you don't understand, I need your help? This is where you got to own your personal power. You've got to be willing to say no to something because is it worth you giving up your power and being overwhelmed just to please someone else? Absolutely not, you can't give what you don't have. If it's not really in alignment with who you are and moving you in the direction you want to go you're not going to give it 100%. That's what causes a lot of stress in people's lives. That's what causes a lot of being overwhelmed. 

    Ask those two questions and watch how that can impact your life. 

Erica:    I think there that's so critical to hang onto those words of wisdom there because I know for a lot of people that might be listening to this show today they're thinking their personal power has been taken from them. It really hasn't, we've just allowed it be given away freely and we've made that choice, nobody's taken anything from us or held a gun to our head. Most cases we're not under that type of duress so if we can just put ourselves in that place of power and ask those questions of ourselves and our commitments to ourselves and take the other person out of the mix, just focus on yourself, it becomes really clear. You don't want to disappoint people anyway. If you say yes to something and you're not able to fulfill the task then they get mad. Then you got to deal with that. Take Robert's advice everybody, ask those two questions, ask the three questions up front and it could save you a lot of grief in the long run. 

    Robert, before we wrap it up today is there anything else that you want to share with our audience today?

Robert:    Last words I'd probably give them is in life the greatest gift, in my opinion and my experience that you can give this world is to be you. Be authentic however that looks. Don't try to be someone else to fit into a mold. Be authentic to yourself and allow that gift to shine through.

Erica:    Beautiful, beautiful; I really appreciate those words of wisdom. Robert, I can't thank you enough again for taking the time to check in with our audience today. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again very soon and I wish you well on your upcoming trip, I know you've got a trip that's coming up around the bend so I wish you safe travels in that trip. Again thank you for being on the show today, really appreciate it.

Robert:    My pleasure Erica, I appreciate it.

Erica:    Oh my goodness, was that a loaded interview or what? Oh my gosh, Robert has such an amazing sense of grace and authenticity to everything that he does and again as you heard from that interview that wasn't something that happened overnight, that was quite a process and I appreciate him being so vulnerable and sharing a bit of his story and how it relates to each and every one of you out there that are listening to this interview at the moment. 

    I want to check in with each and every one of you. What was the most impactful piece of this interview? I want you to go ahead and head on over to the Proclamation of Power Mom's Facebook group or you can also go over to the Queen of Results Facebook page to leave your comments there. Of course you can always leave your comments under the block section of this post. This is actually a great way to check in with yourself, check in with where you're at with your own success model and where you're going and what your vision looks like and how you're shaping the lives of not only the people around you but how are you checking in with yourself? 

    Please leave those comments underneath the block section or over at the Facebook group page or the Queen of Results Facebook page. We would love to hear from you. 

    Now for a complete bio and also information of how you can stay connected with Robert and what he's doing to really not only rock his world but also impact the others around him be sure to check the info section of this podcast to find those specific links and more information about Robert and his incredible journey. He is definitely somebody that I am truly honored to get to work with in some capacity and share experiences with and I'm so thankful that he had an opportunity to come onto the show and share his teachings to you all in this audience.

    That about sums it up for today. I'm so excited you had a chance to check in with our awesome podcast. Thank you again Robert Riopel for joining us today. You guys have been an amazing audience. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on the next podcast. Of course follow me over at Facebook and Twitter, let's connect, let's chat. I'd love to find more ways to create the business and life that you absolutely desire. This is a team effort, it requires a village to really help us carry out all the things that we desire to rock our business and obviously rock our world when it comes to the relationships that we're building. Definitely connect with me, I'd love to hear from you. Until next time I'm Erica Castner, take care.

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