Working Moms. We work so hard to please everyone else but sometimes, we need a time out, right? Who wants to stop being over-whelmed and start standing in your power?

Sounds hard, doesn't it? Well, lucky for you...I've figured out a super savvy support system for working moms that will get you back to more flow and harmony in your life. 

This ain't about the illusion of balance. You would be bored with balance. This is about you stepping into your greatness, living a life and career on your terms, having the power to speak your truth, and being a "powerhouse" instead of a "push-over".

Ready to experience the freedom to ROCK your world and business, without the fear or judgement of anyone else? 


My name is Erica Castner, CEO and Founder of Queen of Results, a business coaching & consulting company dedicated to helping working moms and business leaders connect with awesome resources to create the business and life they absolutely desire.

I believe that most women want to "play bigger" than they currently are but feel stressed out about the thought of doing "one more thing" or that will not get the support they need to sustain their dreams.

I also believe It takes a village to carry out our grand vision. I used to shy away from living out my passions because I was afraid that I would have to "hire" all these people to help me.

Well, I have learned some pretty valuable lessons since launching my company. The most important: I could not sustain momentum or success ALL BY MYSELF. 

Now, you and I both's a bit challenging to find good quality resources to drive more business. Once you do find them, it's not cheap. In fact, my husband and I did the math the other day on our professional growth expenses in the past year...let's just say... it would be a pretty sizable down payment on that Telsa, he wants.

Is it worth it? Abso-freakin'-lutely!!!! Surrounding myself with coaches, mentors, and experts has been the special sauce in creating a platform to guide female business leaders along their path to success and greatness.

Of course, I realize taking the next step to surround yourself with a team of people who can "show you the way" is a pretty big step for some of you. I hear you, I completely get it. Let me ask you...

Ladies...How would it feel to:

  • Spend quality time doing what you ABSOLUTELY love
  • Free your time from the things you don't want to do
  • Revive & thrive in your career and life
  • Have a team of other female business leaders cheering you on and sharing ideas to increase your success
  • Cross the finish line on EVERY project important to you
  • Work through the limiting beliefs and emotions, holding you back
  • Stop "over-committing" and start simplifying life TODAY

If anything above sounds good to's time to start being the "Queen of YOUR World". The Queen of Results Presents:

Untitled design.jpg

Royalty Mastermind Experience will radically ROCK your world and is EXACTLY for you if:

-You are a working entrepreneur/business owner who is wearing WAY too many hats and would love a plan to kept it all straight.

-You are completely chained to your office but you still feel like you have little or nothing to show for it.

-You wish you had more hands on deck...other supportive women who get your plight. Perhaps, they have figured out the solution to your business & life challenges and you want direct access to this information.

-You get overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate, on top of being a "perfect" wife/partner, mom, daughter, friend, colleague, etc.

-You feel disconnected from YOU! You take care of everything and everyone before you and you want to desperately get back to feeling like yourself again.

-You seem to attract one negative thing after another and often ask yourself, "When will I finally get my break?"

Ready to experience more work/life flow and harmony AND find happiness, while saving more time, energy & money?

Since 2006, I have surrounded myself (and thousands of other women) with resources that encourage personal and professional growth. I have learned that if you want to break-free for the day-to-day struggle, you've gotta embrace a team of peeps to uplift and inspire you. The whole foundation of great leaders starts with the awesome team around them. The Royalty Mastermind Experience is THE team to support and uplift female business leaders.

This ain't your average "networking event", either. Most programs simply "scratch" the surface of the challenges we as female business leaders face. The Royalty Mastermind Experience will connect you with a community of powerful women who can help you get out of your own way.  This is a safe space for you to express your challenges, get perspective and suggestions on how to make the situation better, and "pay-it-forward".

I am super grateful for all the mentors and leaders that have helped shaped me, personally and professionally. These mentors gave me the courage to:

  • Ditch the 9 to 5 mentality to create a business of my dreams
  • Spend my time teaching and training women (all over the globe) on marketing, confidence, team building, communication, sales and social media training.
  • Have a stronger relationship with my husband, "gift daughters" and close friends.
  • Lose 30+ pounds and keep it off.
  • And so much more....

That's why I created the Royalty Mastermind Experience. I wanted to share the powerful resources I have received to dramatically improve the the lives of other female business leaders.

And guess what, it's not going to require you to sell off your prized collections to afford it! Sound good? Keep reading... 

That's an excellent question! Most programs offer you the "how" to do something. The Royalty Mastermind Program takes it a step further. It's all about empowering you to get more done, live your life with passion, and be super profitable doing so. Therefore, the Royalty Mastermind Experience with help you uncover the "why" behind you goals.

Most of the time, working moms (from new moms to empty nesters) usually want to improve:

  • Sales in their career
  • Cash flow and wealth
  • Weight management/meal planning/fitness routine
  • Relationships with their significant other/children/co-workers/friends,
  • Connecting with spirituality,
  • Quality of life (especially work/life balance)

The Royalty Mastermind experience is meant for working moms to "check-in" with someone outside of their situation. Together, we come up with a plan to help you improve your systems, work through challenges, and create solutions to start living the life and career YOU desire! 


For anyone who knows me, I am a planner! I LOVE it! I also like simplicity and freedom. But there was a time in my life where everything seemed to be completely chaotic! In 2013, I was getting married, becoming a "mom" for the firs time with two beautiful, teenage daughters, working in a fast-paced career, stressing about "keeping up with the Jones'", struggling to pay off debt, trying to be a good friend, and on, and on, and ON!

I felt trapped. I didn't know how to turn it around. But, fate intervened and I got a gift! An opportunity to work with a life mastery coach for a weekend. That weekend changed my life and lead me down the path to wanting to help other women to break free from feeling trapped in a life they didn't sign on for.

What's the benefits of joining a Mastermind? Let me ask you: are you ready to stop running on fumes and start thriving with more energy to live the life you desire?

Are you willing to work with a proven system that will get you on the path to creating more work/life balance, find happiness, AND  save you time, money, and energy? If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, then...LET'S ROCK!!!

Mastermind groups have been a major game-changer in my life. Let's face it! It's an exclusive community. An opportunity to cross-promote your business with other business leaders. Access to ideas for solutions you may not have thought of.

Think things will work themselves out without a plan? Chances are, things won't change without doing something different. Change begins with us being honest with the person in the mirror. Change also requires us to get out of our comfort zone. Guess what? Our comfort zone is always shifting. Our work to "change" is never done and it's always revolving! The beauty of my coaching program: I give you the tools to work through the transitions in your life. 

Not sure if this is for you?  We think our programs offer a ton of value and support to the people who participate in them. If you don't think so, There's a 30-day money back guarantee on all Queen of Results Programs.


Over the next year, you will have access to quality resources to manage your life and business,  strategies I used to go from over-worked to working on MY terms, and a team of savvy "working moms" who are dedicated to helping your live out the life and business you desire.

Over the course of the year, you will get:

  • The "Fast Track to Success" Planning Guide, updated each quarter. This workbook will help you quickly assess your strengths and opportunities.
  • 26 LIVE lessons to keep you focused and on track to accomplish all that you desire. (Can't catch all the LIVE lessons, don't fret! They will be recorded for viewing at your speed).
  • Weekly "Masterminding" calls to check-in with other members of the group. This is a chance for  you to express what's working, what's not, and what the rest of the group can do to support you!
  • Exclusive admission inside my "Royal Court". These are some of the most amazing powerhouses in their fields, as it relates to business. Royal Court Members will be providing special trainings and seminars, exclusively for our Royalty Mastermind Members.
  • Access to "Queen of Results Done-For-You" templates on topics such as: marketing, networking, social media management, and time management during the time we are working together. (If purchased alone, each template would cost $197)
  • Invitation to special video trainings, such as: improving communication with your family/co-workers, sales training, creating work-life balance, and many more. Purchased alone: training video series' start at $497)

***These templates and training videos are designed to take the guess work out for you. I have spent a ton of time crafting these tools, not to mention the training I invested in the get savvy in these areas of business development and being a better wife/mom/friend.

How would it feel to be free to do more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Wouldn't you love to feel more confident and less frazzled? Are you ready to create the life and career you absolutely desire? If so, let's work together!

Remember what I told you about the Castners' personal/professional growth expenses costing us what we would pay for a super fancy car? Good news is...the Royalty Mastermind Experience won't cost you that! However, you are going to receive a "boat load" of value!!! Have seen other mastermind programs charge as much as $20, do I know? I've spent that on myself...but it was worth every penny because I made the money back on the lessons I learned on my first retreat. 

I will not ask you to spend that kind of coin but I am asking you, are you worth making an investment in yourself to be the best YOU? Would you love to get the resources and mentorship advice that will radically improve the work/life flow in your world?


I ask you today: what's keeping you from creating the life and business you absolutely desire?

As much as I am committed to the success of my clients, it's important to realize that in order to work with me in any of my programs, you've gotta want success for yourself more than I want it for you!

Remember... I used to feel trapped. Once I started letting someone else guide me...see my challenges from a different perspective, things started to shift for me in a HUGE way! 

Have more questions about working with me? Set up a discovery session today. It's complimentary and could be the game changer in your life! I hope you will accept my invitation to chat for 30 minutes. 

What clients say about the Queen of Results' Royal Results one-on-one program:

"Through our work together, I have learned to value my time, which has made me more productive. Erica is amazing!" 
> Tonya S.

"Erica's approach to simplifying the "connection" process is vital to anyone in sales...that means anyone in business. It's made a huge difference in my profits" 
> Kimberly F.