3 Pillars to a Rockin' Relationship Audio Training Series

Love to get on the same page about finances, raising children, or even intimacy? 

Wish that you are your partner were more connected, full of energy, and free of judgement from the other person?

Download the free audio series: "The Three Pillars to a Rockin' Relationship with Your Spouse" presented by Ed & Erica Castner.

What can you expect in this 3-part series, you ask? We will reveal:

  • Common Mistakes Most Couples Make When Communicating With Each Other & What to Do Instead
  • How Your "Money Personality" Can Make or Break a Marriage
  • Intimacy: It's Not Just Sex. Simple Steps to a Stronger Connection With Your Partner 

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My name is Erica Castner, founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching & Consulting!  I LOVE helping working moms connect with the resources to save them time, create more work/life balance and find happiness.

But, I couldn’t do all that I do without an awesome team around me - especially without my “right-hand man” - my partner, my best friend, my husband, Ed.

He is my rock…and as much as we appreciate each other now, there was a time (early in our marriage) that was more rocky than supportive.

On the surface, our chemistry as a couple looked amazing. But for the most part, we were smoking mirrors. 

We were set in our ways, opinionated, and resistant to change. This stubborn mindset caused a lot of friction in the beginning months of our marriage, especially around the topics of raising kids and money management.

That all changed in 2013 when we made a commitment to go to a weekend “life mastery” workshop.  In a matter of ninety days, my life started to turn around. My husband and I created plan to pay-off debt, I lost 30 pounds (the healthy way), our relationship as a couple became stronger and we felt more connected with our children.

Was it easy? No. Did I learn a lot? Heck Yeah! We started working on our marriage step-by-step, day-by-day. We opened up, asked questions, we were willing to be coached through the process and more importantly, together, we figured out a way to make our partnership more solid and our friendship more meaningful What about our love life, you ask? Umm…ABSOLUTELY more connected and passionate than ever before.

Are you ready to take your relationship with your partner to a whole other level? FUSION Weekend Intensive is definitely for you!

Here's what some of my clients are saying say about our work together:

“I have a pretty successful business but I wanted to streamline my efforts to spend more time with my growing family. Erica helped me pinpoint how to maximize my calendar to be more efficient in my daily activities so I can be more profitable with out working so hard.”

-Vaughn H.

“Working with Erica has been one of the best things I could have done both personally and professionally. Through our work together, I have learned to value myself, and my time, which has made me more productive. Her compassion, her persistence, and her motivation is not just inspiring but contagious. She is absolutely amazing!”
> Tonya S.



Ready to start communicating with your partner on a whole new level? Want it sooner, rather than later? 

What are you waiting for? Let's get you on the fast track to creating a stronger bond with your partner.

It's time to find more ways to enrich your life, surround you with more of what you want and less of what you don't.