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My name is Erica Castner.  I love helping  women leaders connect with the resources to save them time, create more work/life balance and find happiness.

I have been labeled the "Queen Bee" of connecting like-minded professionals together to support one another, while showing them ways to be more efficient in their work...so they can get back to living the life they desire.

I do this by eliminating the guess work for my clients. I have figured out a system that allows me to fit all the things that are important to me into my life.

I used to waste so much time and energy, wearing WAY too many hats. I felt tired, frustrated because I was always "working", and alone in my struggle to stay on top of it all.

In 2014, my beautiful teenage "gift" daughters were crying because they wanted more quality time with me and their dad but, we were always working! That was the final straw. Later that summer, I made a commitment to quit my "9 to 5" to build a career and life style around my terms.

I spent the rest of the year, building a plan to live out my dream of helping other professional women achieve greatness (their definition of this). Was it easy? No. Did I learn  a lot? Heck Yeah! I started step-by-step, day-by-day. I asked questions, I was willing to be coached through the process and more importantly, I figured out a way to make life incredibly simple!!!

There's so much more to this story but for now, all you need to know is, this one event changed the entire course of my life. It was the beginning of a new path to unravel what ABSOLUTELY works in creating more quality moments in life.  

I have also learned what doesn't work. I want to share with you my insights of how I got to where I am today and how you can have all that your desire!

Who's ready to:

  • Save time, money, and energy

  • Grow and Scale Your Business Faster

  • Create Space for Awesomeness

If that sounds like you, join me for a complimentary "Power Chat".

In our time together, we will reveal:

The number 1 area you need to focus on, in order to grow your business and I will outline the next steps for you to take, in order to accomplish your goals.

What do you have to lose, there’s no obligation and you will walk away from our chat with more clarity and confidence to move forward in your journey.

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