Are you running in circles to fill your client pipeline?There is a REAL WAY to grow your business!

But, before I share the "REAL Way"...

Let's talk about the hypity, hype, hype FAKE sh!t that's taking you away from driving quality leads to your pipeline:

  1. Going to elevendy-gajillion networking events that only seem to attract FAKE influencers and wanna be decision makers
  2. Booking coffee dates or lunch dates with people who have FAKE intentions about referring you clients (because, they only wanna pitch you for their services)
  3. Following up on FAKE know what I'm talking about

Ugh…shameful! Am I RIGHT????

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Your time is super valuable…and, I’m on a mission to help you…

  • Cut the chaos and crap that's wasting your time
  • Get clear on what’s actually going to “move to needle” to grow YOUR business 
  • Create awesome habits that will sustain your success for the long haul!

It shouldn't be a secret…

The fastest way to get to your ideal clients is through the warm referrals from peeps who are already talking (or marketing) to your IDEAL client (i.e. strategic partners).

And, depending on your industry…you may only need 1 to 5 QUALITY strategic partners referring you 3 to 5 clients each.

But, what if you’re unsure about WHO your ideal referral partners are?

Well, I’ve gotcha covered!

What if I put you directly in front of the professionals who are MOST likely to refer QUALITY prospects into your pipeline? And, if you like that idea…

What if I gave you step by step instruction on my “get-quality-prospects-into-your-pipeline-faster” playbook?

Imagine - creating pipeline of ideal clients who have been referred by a quality circle of influence. 

Let's face it! Your business relationships mean everything to your bottom line.

And, MASSIVE business growth only happens when you have a solid system of gaining AND retaining quality referral sources.

If that sounds like it’s right up your alley…I’ve got something for you!

Introducing “The REAL Way To Attract Clients” Accelerator ...your ticket to Finding, Connecting & Converting Your Ideal Clients FASTER.

You already want in? Get started now>>>

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Finally, a program to help REAL people get REAL training to grow REAL pipelines that only refers REAL business.

The REAL Way To Attract Clients Accelerator is a hybrid program of group training and peer collaboration dedicated to helping service providers (just like you) find, connect & convert their IDEAL clients faster. 

This proven system is based on a philosophy of highlighting the unique value you bring to your circle of influence.

Think that strategy is one sided? Think again... 

When you're focused on creating transformational “win-win” partnerships, that's when REAL exponential business growth happens.

Now, it’s one thing to learn how to do something… It's another thing when you can learn AND implement at the same time!

The "REAL Way" Accelerator takes the guess work out of you zeroing in on who your ideal referral partners are. Why?  Well, my team & I have already figured this out for you because we've vetted the members.

And, guess what… The only people invited to join this referral mastery machine are (you guessed it), YOUR Ideal referral partners! Although there is an investment in the course, ALL MEMBERS WILL BE INTERVIEWED, prior to being accepted in the accelerator program!

We are only letting one person (per city) represent each of the following industries:

  • Financial Wealth Advisor
  • Insurance Agent
  • Martgage/Banking Institution
  • CPA
  • Business Attorney
  • Trust & Estate Attorney
  • Consultant
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Interior Designer
  • A B2B Professional Service Provider

In this 12 week training/mastermind program, you'll learn the formula to: 

  • DETERMINE Who’s Already Talking to Your Ideal Client
  • REACH OUT to People with Confidence
  • ENGAGE Your Clients & Referral Partners to Consistently Stay Top of Mind
  • AMPLIFY Your Reach and Impact
  • MAXIMIZE Your Time to Grow
  • And, SO much MORE!

It's time for you to learn the REAL Way to find, connect and convert more clients!

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    Here’s how the twelve week Accelerator program works:

    There are:

    • Six (6) group training calls led by Erica Castner (two a month)
    • Three (3) virtual group mastermind sessions (one a month)
    • Three (3) in-person group mastermind sessions (one month)

    All training calls will be recorded for those who have to miss the occasional call.

    ***Please note, to maintain the confidentiality of your fellow members, all mastermind sessions will NOT be recorded. It will be imperative that you block out time for the mastermind sessions.

    You're also going to access to the "Unlock Your Full Potential" Questionnaire. There will be instructions on how to complete this, prior to our first group training call. This will help me serve you better. 

    The REAL Way To Attract Clients Accelerator Timeline is as follows:

    All Training calls and Mastermind sessions occur on one day a week, once your city's Accelerator program starts. (Training call-in details and location of in-person mastermind will be revealed once you sign up for the course)

    The "REAL Way" Accelerator Cities and Start Dates:

    • Fort Myers, FL - Wednesday, August 22
    • Tampa, FL - Tuesday, September 4

    And, don’t worry…I’ll also provide you with the tools, checklists and training materials you’ll need to sail through the course.

    I probably don't have to tell you, filing your sales pipeline with quality referrals is not an easy feat.

    Just know, I’m here to provide the structure and support you need to breakthrough the BS that's holding you back from being the leading star in your industry.

    Who is the REAL Way To Attract Clients Accelerator course for?

    For starters, check out the list of the service providers I listed a few paragraphs ago. Ideal candidates must also have the desire to:

    • Position themselves as the "go-to" expert in their industry
    • Meet quality professionals who "vibrate" on a positive level
    • Continue learning and getting outside of your comfort zone
    • Share best practices with your peers and feels good to help people

    The “REAL Way” course is NOT for those who:

    • Whine, complain, blame, and shame others
    • Sit back and wait for stuff to happen
    • Hide behind their computer and have no intention of stepping outside their office to drum up business
    • Refuse to try new things
    • Have a “taker” mentality

    The REAL Way To Attract Clients Accelerator investment is $1,000…and trust me, it’s worth a heck of a lot more than that.

    What would one new QUALITY referral partner, who sent you one client a month, be worth to your business?

    It's time to leverage the power of your circle of influence to maximize growth and impact. Once you enroll, you will lock out anyone else from your specific industry.

    "But Erica, what if..."

    What if I'm not clear on who my ideal client is? I get it. Especially, when you have so many ways your can help people with your service. In the pre-work you'll do (prior to our first session), there is a questionnaire that will guide you on how to zero in on your ideal client. This doesn't mean we necessarily turn business way, if it lands in our lap. The pre-work questionnaire allows you to get super clear on your favorite way/method to serve people while we get to work on crafting a plan to lead you to more of those people

    What if I don't have a lot of people in my network? That's okay. The "REAL Way" system focuses on the quality of the relationships vs. the quantity of contacts. What you've probably been taught is that the bigger your network, the bigger your business. That's not always the case... especially if you have a high touch, high level of service you provide to your clientele.  

    What if I have questions in between sessions? After each training call and mastermind session, I ask you to carve out an extra fifteen minutes for you to send me an email with your most impactful take-away you learned from the session and the two action steps you are going to take in the next seven days. I am available for email/text support, in between sessions. Of course, if there is something that requires more than a few emails and texts to figure out, when can schedule a mini-phone chat to answer a more complex question.

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    About Erica: For over two decades, Erica has helped business owners and service providers enhance their circle of influence to find, connect, and convert their ideal clients. In addition to working with small business owners, Erica has had the privilege of working with (and for) nationally recognized brands such as: Lancome Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, Sprint and the Miss America Organization, just to name a few.


    Stop dreading all the work it's going to take fill your pipeline & start getting REAL training (and REAL connections) to drive REAL results to your business.

    You deserve success without unnecessary stress. Empower yourself to take this step to getting the life and business you absolutely desire!

    OH...and one more thing! If you do not get at least one new referral source in the course (and can show me that you've done the work to do so), I will happily refund your course tuition...100% of it!

    Lucky for you, I have never had to honor my money-back guarantee. In other words, you're gonna get results when you plug into my system!

    Isn’t it time for you to get REAL? Sign up TODAY!