Want to rule your world with power & poise?

It's time to "revolutionize" your life!

Join the Queen Bee  Revolution TODAY!!

  • Feel like your communication with others gets lost in translation? 
  • Do you feel frustrated by your ability to connect with those you care about? 
  • Do you secretly wish you could unplug from coworkers, family, or friends who bring you a ton of negativity to your peaceful world?

It's time to: 

Be heard loud and clear, Be confident to take the choices you want to make, and be empowered to eliminate chaos It’s about dang time we start a new revolution, a Queen Bee Revolution to be exact…and I have a spot just for you! 

I get it you wear a ton of hats...

Sometimes, it’s easier to: 
-Do it by yourself instead of explaining it to someone else
-Keep quiet about your true feelings instead of ruffling the feather of others
-Put up with difficult clients because they’re “high revenue” clients
-Go along with everyone else's idea and said is speaking up and going against the grain

Who wants to go to THAT hassle? Not me and neither should you?

Tell me if this sounds familiar… 

Once upon a time, I thought an order for people to see any value in me as a wife, gift mom, coworker, or friend, I needed to look like a freaking superwoman.

I took it upon myself to cater to everyone else's needs, change my mind because I wanted to be agreeable, and stayed up late to complete tasks/chores that my family and co-workers were completely capable of doing.

Meanwhile all the things that personally fueled me, went by the wayside. You know what else happened? I fell into the trap of resenting my role as a wife, gift mom, employee, and… depending on the person, a friend. 

I gotta tell you…that way of living can suck the joy right out of ya! 

It was a lonely place to be or so I thought… 

Because of my own struggle of communicating my message with power and poise, I began to immerse myself with a personal development coach.

Was it a big investment? Yep…Was it worth it…ABSOLUTELY! 

I also began reading books, listening to podcast interviews, and tapping into resources to pull me out of my shell.

I finally felt confident to start speaking my truth, standing in my personal power, which ultimately lead me to share my gifts with others, just like you.

That's why I formed the Queen Bee Revolution!

This is a space for you to connect with your inner greatness, rule your life with power & poise and get out of the mindset of thinking “I wish I could” and give you the confidence to say “I know I can!”

The Queen Bee Revolution is a community for you! 

  • Recharge your batteries
  • Share your ideas that will impact others
  • Inspiration to take the most difficult communication & relationship challenges by the horns
  • Surround yourself with experts to give you the tools necessary to create the life and business you desire
  • Wouldn’t it be great to…Connect with your inner power and rule your world with poise!
Copy of How am I the Expert?-4.png

Here's what you can expect in the Queen Bee Revolution, for the next 12 months:

-Each month, you will receive four “Queen Bee Game Plans” (once a week, delivered via email) to walk you through some of the most common challenges you may go through as a parent, coworker, family member, or friend. I am pulling some of the most amazing gems from my 1:1 coaching program, (valued at $2,997)

-Twice a month, there will be a 30-minute private Queen Bee group chat. This is THE place where you can check in with other “fellow” Queen Bees, run a challenge by the group to get advice/feedback, or ask me a specific question. (valued at $497)

-Access to a supportive Facebook Community, “Queen Bee Revolution”. This space will allow you the chance to inspire and empower each other throughout your “Queen Bee” Journey. (value in priceless…I’ve seen some amazing friendship and partnership happen in similar groups)

-Receive special templates/guides to help you stay organized, focused, and fulfilled (valued at $847)

-Exclusive VIP invitations to select “Queen of Results” and “Power Mom” community & on-line events, (valued at over $500)

You know what else you get…a power house, personal & professional development coach…without the “power house” price tag.

So, what’s the price tag that you’ll pay to get into the “Queen Bee Revolution”?

The program’s value is over $4,841…the good news is…you won’t be shelling out that kind coin for admission into our society!

Let me ask you how would it feel to: 
-Spend quality time doing what you absolutely love
-Free your time from the things you don't want to do
-Thrive and revive in a career and life that you've absolutely desire
-Cross the finish line at every single project important to you
-Walk through a limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back

Join us today to live out your “Queen Bee” lifestyle, celebrate your successes with the team of fellow Queen Bees who get exactly where you are, and stop settling for less than greatness.

Rule your life with power & poise, align your goals with your passion & purpose and join us today for revolution that will surely get you to the “Queen Bee” status that you desire

Isn't time to go from "I wish I could..." to " I know I can..."?

Let's connect! You deserve to live the life you absolutely desire!


Erica Castner, Founder Queen of Results

Master Certified Business & Breakthrough Coach
Fort Myers, FL
tel. 239.699.5031
email: erica@thequeenofresults.com