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Do you have an amazing passion you want to pursue, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to uncover the true purpose of your life?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, I invite you to join me, Erica Castner and a few of my friends for the in-person panel discussion and training class:

“Pursue Your Passion: How to Create the Life & Business You Desire” LIVE Master Class

Tickets are $27. Sign up today before the event sells out.

"Pursue Your Passion" event will take place:

December 13, 2017 in Fort Myers from 4 to 6 p.m. at Crowne Plaza Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops, 13051 Bell Tower Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Special Guest Panelists include:

  • Angela Melvin of Valerie’s House
  • Heather Mazurkiewicz of North Collier Fire Rescue District
  • Jason Teeters of Jet Set State
  • Audrey Brooks of Living Local

You will walk away from the workshop knowing:

  • How to identify the people who will help you
  • Time saving techniques to keep your eye on the prize, even when the going gets tough
  • Ways to share your mission and vision with others so they feel connect to it

As an extra bonus...attendees will have a chance to meet like-minded professionals and community influencers.

If you are ready to pursue your passion, what are you waiting for...Join us today!  Sign up by clicking on the button below! Tickets are just $27.

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Let's face it...you're probably checking this out because:

  • Play a bigger game
  • Map out a game plan to get you aligned with your purpose
  • Be more like your peers, who seem to be dialed into their greater mission, vision, and purpose
  • Take a dream and turn it into reality

Sound familiar? If so, I can help. How?

For starters, I know how you feel.I've been in your shoes and it used to suffocate my hopes and dreams of truly tapping into my purpose. What changed? I tapped into someone else's proven process to shatter procrastination, boost confidence, and accomplish goals, faster and more efficiently. 

I began to align with people who were “thinking bigger” and then got rid of the bull-shit beliefs that my dreams could not change the world.

When I began to honor my time, I cleared the clutter that wasn't getting me closer to accomplishing my goals. I stopped dragging my feet, completed more projects that actually excited me, and had more confidence to play a bigger game than I was playing.

If you're sitting on the sidelines in any area of your life or career, I invite you to join me for this special, 2-hour master class workshop. You will walk away from the event knowing the next steps you've gotta take, in order to "stop stalling" and start "taking action". 

You owe it to yourself to create the business and life you desire. Sign up today!


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Ready to pursue your passion and purpose? Join us December 13!!!