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The Power of Resources with Kim Harris

Do you find yourself lacking the resources you need to grow and sustain your business? Stick around, today’s Power Factor Podcast is for you.

Recipient of the SBA's Women in Business Champion of the Year Award, Kim Harris shares information and knowledge that helps small businesses to strengthen their position in the marketplace by helping to connect with working capital, training, and capacity growth strategies.  She has raised millions in operating revenue through grants and sponsorships.

2:15 Kim’s family was riddled with the domestic violence. She saw it's an opportunity to collect resources that would help others stay out of that situation.

4:21 It’s her mission to serve others

5:30 Kim shares the work the got her the SBA award

7:20 the evolution of women in business and sharing resources

9:24 getting involved with non-profits is something every business should consider

10:57 Kim saw a need of connecting organizations and business with resources that will help sustain themselves

11:56 We chat about cause-related partnerships

14:40 Kim shares some steps to consider when partnering with a non-profit.

16:03 What should you do if a non-profit has been in formation less than a year?

18:11 Do your homework…when you join a board, you are fiscally responsible for the organizations decisions.

21:43 A more challenging moment in Kim’s professional career

22:13 Kim reached out to other resources to dig her out of a “hole”

25:52 Business is growing…it’s all about capacity growth

27:34 Get a coach that can help you take your profitability to the next level

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