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What kind of legacy are you building?

“You make your mark by being true to who you are and letting that be your staple.” —Kat Graham

I watched the DWade Budweiser commercial yesterday morning... Have you seen it, yet? t’s funny how my “allergies” decided to act up when I was watching it.

In all seriousness, it struck a cord with me and it got me thinking about something I wanted that often makes (even the most purpose and impact driven) professionals feel inadequate.

Here's what came to mind, after watching the commercial:

How often do we let the “thing we do", define us?
How often do we spend time chasing impact vs. chasing dollars?
How often to we use our “influence” to something that supports a cause, bigger than us?

Spoiler alert, in the end of the commercial, Dwayne’s mom says to him, “you are bigger than basketball.”

The way I view it...we are all “bigger” than what we define as our role, title, or job. 

And, when you put conscious effort to making an impact...beyond your "job"...that's when magical stuff begins to happen.

Don't believe me? Well, listen to this...

So, I watch that commercial yesterday morning (thankfully before putting on any make-up) and then, went to facilitate a career readiness program.

I have facilitated this six-week program for ten cohorts, over the past three years. Yesterday's session was "Week 3" in the program. I don't know what it is about "Week 3" but it always seems to be the most transformational week for the participants of the program.

Well, yesterday...I got smacked with my own sense of full circle transformation when one of long time supporters/speakers for the program shared a story how she finally got some news that was going to transform her career path!

When she connected the dots to how she landed this opportunity, the dots led her back to taking action on an idea I shared in a previous session, from three years ago!!!

I talk more intensively about it here in my latest video. Check it out below!

My point, no matter where you are in your professional journey, be focused on sharing lessons (AND learning lessons) to help you define the impact you want to create.

And, if you reading this but, feel like you’re identity is wrapped up in something else that isn’t aligned with what you want your legacy to stand for...

What is one simple action step you can take TODAY towards making the impact you want to have, while you still have time on this planet?

Is it a random act of kindness?
Is it applying for your dream job?
Is it going to that networking event to make new friends?
Is it staring a new initiative that’s outside of your comfort zone but you’re prepared to do it anyway?

What is it? 

Now, go do it... and remember....

You are bigger than a “job” and definitely bigger than where you are today!

Time to rock!

P.S. Extra cool bonus points for you if you can tell me your most impactful take-away, in the comments section of the blog.