What meeting Matthew McConaughey taught me about achieving business growth goals

About fifteen months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Matthew McConaughey at a post Oscar Charity Gala in Los Angeles.

Now, before you get too excited about this...my meeting with him resulted in kind of an embarrassing story. 

You see, I had known I was going to meet him a few weeks before. But, reality hadn't set in until the day of the event, when I was little freaked out about what I was going to say to him, when we met. 


I eventually came up with what I thought was going to be a memorable thing to say to such a celebrated actor...when I was getting ready for the gala AND watching the pre-Oscar festivities (a.k.a. the Red Carpet event) on television. 

Matthew and his wife, Camilla were being interviewed on the red carpet and I thought..."that's it! I will compliment how gorgeous his wife looked during their red carpet interview."

Flash forward about three hours, Ed and I got the text notification that it was time to do our meet & greet with Matthew. As we waited in line, I silently rehearsed what I was going to say when we met Matthew.

Before I knew it, Ed and I were next in line to say hello and take our photo. Once it was our turn, Matthew flashes his million watt smile and says, "Hi, I'm Matthew McConaughey!" Then, I say, "Hi, I'm Erica Castner, I just saw you and your wife at the Grammys!'

The three of us pose for our picture and Matthew says to me, "I believe you meant, the Academy Awards?" 

Ugh...talk about a total face palm moment...so much for rehearsing what I really wanted to say.

The only thing I could do was sheepishly say, "yes, that's what I meant...thank you for being here and for all the work you are doing in your foundation."

Now, what does this story have to do with accomplishing business growth goals? 

Well, about a year and a half before meeting Matthew, Ed and I met the founder of the charity gala Matthew was being recognized for his charitable contributions.

The first time we met the founder, we learned a little bit more about his organization and made a commitment to continue the conversation with him.

Over time, we built a relationship with him. Each time we connected, we brainstormed ideas to help us accomplish our business growth goals faster. The intention of every conversation was to be of service FIRST.

As a result of being focused on building quality relationships, collaboration and support for someone else's goals, Ed and I got have a memorable moment with Matthew McConaughey.

I share that story with you because...Matthew McConaughey is a metaphor for the big goals you want to happen in your business...

...Quality Clients
...Expanding in other markets 
...Being featured as an expert on a big platform like television, a national (or international) conference, a credible on-line media source

And, if you don't have the big budgets to land these opportunities, how do you get them? 


...being willing to have conversations with people...not just potential clients, but people who are already talking to your ideal clients
...building quality relationships
...brainstorming ideas with others accomplish each other's goals faster
...setting the intention that every conversation you have is to be of service FIRST.

And, when you do this consistently, you will win!

I know what you're thinking, "this all sounds good but, where do I start?" or
"How will I know if I'm building relationships with the right people? or 
"Am I doing the right things to put my brand in front of the opportunities that are going to give me the best return of my investment?"

I hear you...and that's why I have put together the "Find Your Ideal Clients" Challenge.

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Time to rock.

Take Care,