How to spread more kindness in your community - Purpose Driven Professionals with Leigh Clark

On this episode of Purpose Driven Professionals, we check in with Leigh Clark, who’s mission is spreading kindness around like confetti.

Leigh M. Clark wants to prove wrong the skeptics who say that there is no good left in the world. She has ambitiously taken on the mission of making the world a better place through random acts of kindness, with the hope of putting a smile on a stranger’s face.

Today, Leigh shares how she began Kindleigh, an organization that spearhead numerous “random acts of kindness” initiatives throughout the country. She and the “Kindness Community” will be putting a spotlight on seven different Southwest Florida non-profit organizations at the Inaugural “Kindness Ball: An Adult Prom” on February 22, 2019 in Fort Myers, Florida.

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