Need a fresh start? Join the #maketodaycount movement


Today is the first Monday of July. Today starts a brand new “sales” month and the start of the second half of the year. In the business world, fresh starts are always well received.

For me, the beginning of July has been more about reflection, these past few years.

Why? I’ll get to that, in a moment. But first…

Have you ever had a dream wake you in the middle of the night? 

What about a dream that was so vivid and impactful that you had to get up, take some notes on what you dreamt about, just so you didn’t forget about it later?

I had one of those dreams Saturday night…and, it was about my late brother, Will.

If you didn’t know, my youngest brother, Will passed away in 2012. It was sudden. He had just turned 22.

Tomorrow, July 3, he would have been 28…hence, why I tend to be in reflection mode in July.

I think back to when I was 28. I am remised to say…I pissed away a lot of days. It’s time my little brother never even got to experience.

Although the details of my dream about Will are a bit fuzzy…the message was quite clear: Make TODAY count!

In the past, I have discussed the power of being intentional. If you’ve been reading my blogs and emails for a while…you’ve heard about my morning routine and how part of my routine is writing down my intention(s) for the day.

And, even when I write down my intentions, I’m the first one to admit...I have days when I don't follow through (damn, human nature). 

But, because I am given the gift to live another day…I get to another chance to act.

When I started my day yesterday, I felt this “pull” to do something meaningful to acknowledge Will’s birth month.

So, here’s what I came up with… for each day of July, I encourage you to set (and follow through on) one intention a day that will #maketodaycount.

You ONE daily intention can be something to help:

  • Yourself
  • Your business 
  • A friend
  • A stranger
  • The community at large

Start each day with writing down the ONE intention (not twenty-seven) you’re going to take action on, in order to #maketodaycount. Then, on that same sheet of paper, jot some notes about why it is important for you to follow through.

Why am I asking you to only set one #maketodaycount intention?

Ever have days where you feel like you were totally busy yet, nothing got done? This “challenge” is all about taking a deliberate step towards accomplishment.

You'll feel more fulfilled in knowing you got the most important "thing" done. One win, leads to more wins. This momentum compounds over time, leading to you celebrate HUGE wins.

Make sense?

Now, I’d LOVE for you to share your daily intentions with me. 

If we are not already connected on Facebook, let’s connect. I will be encouraging those who want take me up on the #maketodaycount challenge to share their daily intentions and any “a-ha” moments with me there.

Of course, you can always share your thoughts with me, by replying in the comments below!

Let’s celebrate the gift of being able to live another day…


Let’s do this!

Take Care,

P.S. Let's connect on Facebook, if we are not already connected...the #maketodaycount discussion will be there, as well!