How to get people "on board" with your mission

There's a little something I want you to ponder for a moment.

Not for me. Not for your bottom line. Do it for the reason why you want other people to stand behind your mission.

Here it is: "Stop closing, START caring!"

You might be the best at what you do. The best customer service. The best packaging. The best "fill in the blank"...

But, if you come across "me focused" all the time and never take the time to slow the eff down to learn what your peers, prospects or clients care about...

Success (like EPIC life changing success) will always elude you.

If you're not achieving your sales goals (or even life goals), I've gotta little bonus assignment for you to do this weekend.

Give some thought as to how you are communicating with your audience. Be honest with yourself. Is your message ALWAYS about your story, value prop, and service/product?

If so, how can you stop taking the focus off of you all the time and start leaning into what your "audience" really wants?

Ponder. Write down your ideas. Implement. That simple!

Got it? #maketodaycount

P.S. I had a chat on Josh Patrick's "Sustainable Business" Podcast. Although the topic was about networking effectively, I shared some ideas on how to let your peers, prospects, clients know you care. I'd love for you to check out the interview here!