Four Things to Consider Before You Attend a Networking Event

Hey Rockstar!

So, the "what to consider before you attend a networking event" question gets asked more often than not.

Last week, I did a short "live stream" (see below) to explain what you might want to consider, the next time you are thinking about joining an organization or attending a networking event.

Now, this isn't a list of "what to do while you're at an event"...that's a different training for another time.

What this list IS going to help you with is how to determine if a networking event or organization is a good fit for your goals. 

Although the video does a great job explaining what to consider before you attend a networking event, here is the "cliff notes" version:

  • Is the event attracting to people who are likely to refer you business?
  • Is a freebie or is there a premium investment to participate (trust me... you want there to be a  "premium" investment?
  • Is the event inviting ev'rybody and their Momma? (i.e. there's no rhyme or reason as to who the event is truly for)?
  • Can you try the event "on for size"? 

If these points seem vague, check out the full explanation in the video below!

After you watch the video, I would love to hear from you.

What was your biggest take-away from the points to consider before you attend your next networking event?

Leave your comments below so we can continue the conversation.

Remember, the quality of your networking efforts determine the quality of your referrals and the clients you serve. Choose your networking events wisely!

Take Care,