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40+ non-productive, social media pet peeves

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Recently, I asked my friends on Facebook, "What are your biggest social media pet peeves?". 

To my surprise, within one hour of the post, I received over thirty comments. By the end of the evening, there were over sixty comments. 

Of course, some of the comments echoed what another "friend" had already mentioned. After taking out the "repeated" pet-peeves, my team was left with compiling as list of forty-three, productive, social media pet peeves.

Now, I'm going to be completely honest and transparent with you. I have been know to break of few of these rules...before I knew better. 

To break free from the offending behavior, I've either been called out for my social media faux pax, reading an article similar to this (telling me what not to do), or have been on the receiving end of an annoying social media ambush and vowed never to commit such an offense again.

So, why am I drawing some much attention to a pretty negative topic?

Um...because I don't want you to waste your time on social media engagement practices that aren't productive or effective. 

As you read this list, honestly assess if you have ever found yourself acting out one or more of these social media pet peeves:

  1. Alternative facts. Disregard for credible evidence
  2. Mass tagging of people that have nothing to do with the post
  3. Being added to groups without permission
  4. Posting everything that goes on in someone's day!
  5. Posting vague comments.
  6. When people copy you posts and pictures as theirs
  7. Adding me to a group without asking. Rude and wastes my time..I really wish this practice would stop
  8. Posting on my timeline without asking. (I know I can turn this off, I just expect manners)
  9. Someone asking a question to to foster discussion, then when you reply with your thoughts in an offer to facilitate discussion and support, getting told that you are "jacking" their post
  10. Posting if you don't like/share you have no heart or you will die
  11. Chain messages that say something great will happen if you send to a 20 friends, etc…
  12. Political aspects are out of control
  13. Hashtags... enough with the hashtags
  14. Using text-speak, especially on Facebook and Google+
  15. Passive aggression
  16. If I get added to another (network marketing) group without my permission, I will scream
  17. Negativity and complaining
  18. Adding people to groups without asking their permission!
  19. People who ask me to post something on my timeline if I am a "real friend." Being asked or given a guilt trip makes me want to post it less
  20. Guys that use the word "yummy" to describe anything
  21. Airing all your intimate dirty laundry! Just because today isn't so good doesn't mean things won't change tomorrow. Some people are quick to post every detail of their lives when they are hurt or angry and once its out there you can delete but you can't take it back
  22. People that constantly "sell" on Facebook. I'm not your friend to only see you post about buying whatever MLM you're pushing. Once in a while is ok but if that's all you post about, you're unfriended or hidden
  23. People that don't know things but charge ahead and misinform us
  24. Kind of like the Facebook Disclaimer nonsense
  25. All the “don't share, you must cut and paste” posts
  26. When people use social media to bash their relationship and air their dirty laundry like it's a counseling session. It's mean tacky and just immature
  27. Posting all of all of your intimate health issues and symptoms…especially when they post pictures
  28. People that post horrific news stories
  29. People that comment on your post just to start an argument or grab attention. Especially when it has nothing to do with the meaning behind the post in the first place.
  30. Game invites
  31. Correcting spelling. Like, get over yourself
  32. Asking for an answer to something and getting a “like”
  33. Selfies. No more selfies.
  34. People who friend you and immediately try to sell you something without even getting to know you or pretending to be interested in you or what you offer
  35. Non-stop selling and bragging about some product or business is quite annoying to me, and doesn't belong on a personal profile (save that for your business page or groups). 
  36. Politics talk that bashes one side or the other
  37. People I have never met trying to friend or connect without any explanation or introduction
  38. Joining a group and then not searching in that group before asking questions. Almost all questions have been answered before... JUST SEARCH :)
  39. Half full people. I immediately unfollow people who post negativity. I want to be uplifted by my friends and connections... not sucked into their negative outlook on life
  40. You accept a friend request. You thank them for reaching out. You get the "thumbs up" emoji.
  41. People who refuse to read the rules or watch the pinned video in a group
  42. PMs telling me that they aren't selling me something when they are clearly trying to sell me something
  43. How about these posts that ask you to post it to your page in order to get blessed or to have a great day. I may like what it says but don't like to be cornered to do it
  44. What do some people post 50 times a day?? Do they not have anything else to do???

And, there was this comment: "Now after reading thru some of the things that annoy people, how many of us are guilty of some of the things listed above? I was reading some of them and thinking "uh-oh I do that" LOL Good Eye Opening Post!"

Although this article my be coming from a "tough love" place, I truly want you to shine in your social media engagement.

The next time you "post" something to your favorite social media platform, ask yourself if the post is going to support your goals or hinder them.

That's all I have for you now.

Until next time, it's time to rock!

Take Care,