How to deal with networking cliques when you feel left out

Dealing with cliques at networking events is no joke. Especially, when you may already feel left out or some what isolated in your business.

In fact, when I worked in the Chamber of Commerce world, the biggest reason why first year members would not renew was because they felt the chamber was too "cliquey".

Perhaps you've been a faced with having to break into the networking clique. Today, I share some tips on who to break free from the limiting beliefs around the dreaded networking cliques.

Of course, I wrap it all up with how you can confidently work your way into any size group of professionals, at your next event. Check out the video below.

After you check out the video, be sure to tell me your number one take away. Post your comments below.

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That's all have for you today. Continue to rock. Continue to be of service. Continue to show up!


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