The simple way to make memorable connections while networking

In business, we all strive for more quality networking connections. After all, the influence of our network can bring us more referrals, partnerships, and revenue! 

Have you ever heard of the phrases “sales are a numbers game” or “you’ve gotta talk to more people to be any good at networking”? I’m about to sprinkle a little modern day fairy dust on these words.

Now, in the past, I used to equate a “quality network” with getting to know a boatload of people.

For instance, I used to run to a ton of events. Collect a bajillion trillion business cards. Hustle my face off to follow up with as many people as I could in a day…just close the deal.

I felt like I was constantly in “ABC” mode. Always Be Closing. 

It felt self-serving.

It was bad.

And, it sucked.

Flash forward to my 2017 self. She says to that over-networking can actually damage your credibility as a business owner and sales professional. 


Well, that’s another story for another time. I promise it will be worth the wait :)

But, for today, I want to share with you…

The number one question I get asked is, “Erica, how do I make memorable connections while building a quality network?”

I’d like to share with you a more strategic way to connect with people without having to meet a bunch of new people. 

Watch today’s video to learn the one phrase I use to make memorable connections while building a quality network:

This tip is especially helpful for those who do not have “warm leads” or who may not have strategic partners. 

This is also extremely helpful for people who want to strengthen the relationships of their existing circle of influence.

It’s amazing what could potentially open up for you.

A rekindled friendship. An opportunity to bid a new project. An introduction to a potential client.

The possibilities are endless!

To recap:

-Identify people who are already in your existing network (people who are ideal strategic partners).

-Ask (via phone call or email) when the two of you can connect so you can learn about their current areas of focus and how you may be able to support.

-If the other person agrees to a meeting, truly be a service. Ask questions. Be a connector. 

Do this consistently (and that’s the important word), this will make you more memorable as you connect in your networking efforts.

Let me know your most impactful take-away from today’s video. I always love hearing your thought. Share them with me, in the comments section below.

Keep connecting and making an impact with those in your community today!


Take care,