How to be more visible in your business

"The power of visibility can never be underestimated." - Margaret Cho

Visibility equals vulnerability...let me explain!

Many of us know what we NEED to do to be more visible in our business.

There’s so many ways we can be visible…networking events, social media, live stream, podcasting, webinars, blogging, speaking…if you can name it, you can do it.

But, being “visible” means, we’ve got to come out of “hiding”. And, I’m not just talking “physically” coming out of hiding, either…

Being truly visible means that we have to shed light on the stuff we are the most afraid of.

Find yourself saying things like:

“I don’t want to come across too pushy”
“The timing’s not right”
“I can’t say no to them”
“I don’t have any more time”

All these phrases stem from the fear of rejection, judgement, uncertainly, doubt, failure…I could go on and on.

For some of us, fear is a tough pill to swallow.

For others, they know that feeling “fear” is all part of the process. 

Fears don’t stop them…fear lets them know they are on the right track.

When you embrace this concept, you naturally stand out. You start outshining those who live behind fear and insecurities. 

Today, I dare you to be more visible. I dare you to face your fears. I dare you to take time to celebrate your “perceived” failures. You wouldn’t be here today without them.

Time to rock!

Take Care,

P.S. If you are certain that fear is holding you back from accomplishing your number one goal, tell me privately. I am happy to make some suggestions to help you break free from fear and procrastination.

P.P.S I am hosting an event (on my favorite day of the year, September 12) called VisibiliTea. It’s a place for you to make professional connections and personal relationship. I am super stoked to tell you more about it here.