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How to Stay Focused on Your Business Goals

How many times do you have the best intentions to accomplish your number one goal, but then life happens or something gets in the way and takes you off of your focus?

If you've ever been in that situation, or are currently in that situation, stick around... today's video tip is for you.

Today, I wanna talk to you about something that I end up talking about in a lot of my conversations. 

Would you agree that most people have a tendency to lose focus more often than not?

For instance, We start a project, we get excited about it, we're all jazzed, we’re ready to rock and roll, and then all of a sudden life happens.

We have a catastrophic cost that gets in our way of accomplishing the things that we wanna do.

We lose focus because we’re tired or we're hungry, or there's some sort of variable that's actually standing in the way of accomplishing the goal that we want.

Now, here's the thing, I can generally give you a step-by-step plan to accomplish
a lot of different things.

Like, how to speak in front of a crowd, or learn how to network, or even lose a few pounds because I've done that myself.

But the step-by-step plan ain't gonna mean a dang thing if we can't do this: check out today's tip of the day video.


Number one thing that keeps people stuck, keeps them complacent, keeps them put in the situation that they're in forever is that they are not accountable... to anything.

Right now, what can you do today to find that accountability partner?

Does that mean that you go out there and seek a mentor?

Does that mean that you go and hire a coach or a professional that can help you hold your feet to the fire and accomplish your number one goal?

That's something that I did three years ago, and I haven't stopped since because I know accountability is absolutely critical.

Combine that with surrounding yourself with people that will help you accomplish your goals…and you will soar!

Jim Rohn says "you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most".

That's pretty powerful stuff when you think about it…

So, if you are a goal-driven individual, and the people around you ain’t…it’s time to get some new friends, my friend!

These are a few suggestions I wanted to give you today.

Go out there and seek that accountability.

Whether it's through a mentor, a coach, or simply surrounding yourself with a calibre of people that will help you accomplish your goals, you'll thank yourself!

And, you will be well on your way to accomplishing the things that you set out to do.

If you want some more ideas on where you can find your ideal accountability
partner, we've got to connect.

Let me know where you need the most accountability right now, and I would be happy happy to share with you the next steps to getting more accountable in that area of focus.

Until next time…time to rock!!!

Take care,


I’m Erica Castner. A master certified business and breakthrough coach that's dedicated to helping busy professionals shatter procrastination, boost confidence and accomplish their goals quicker and more efficiently.

I would love to help you accomplish your goals. Tell me more about the most important goal you want to accomplish.