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Calling all slackers...

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” - Pablo Picasso

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Have you ever started something…got bored, gave up and never went back to it?

Have you then started something else...but life happens, gave up and never went back to it?

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

The constant starting and stopping mentality is a total life suck. You know that.

But, each day there’s another excuse to put off…

The sales calls, proposals, and follow-up

The doctor visit, working out, and eating healthy

The difficult conversation with a co-worker, spouse, or child

In other words, the inevitable!

I may not know your exact situation…but I do know this:

Whatever you’re dragging your feet on has got to be draining you.

How do I know? I’ve been there. 

Divorce. Debt. Out of control drinking. Identity Crisis…take your pick. 

But, this isn’t about me…it’s about you. I want to help you!

  1. The first step in breaking the “start/stop” cycle is to pick the one and only thing you have avoided the longest.
  2. Next, write down the benefits of following through with addressing it.
  3. Then, write out the challenges of putting it off for one more day.
  4. Also, Imagine if a friend came to you with the same situation. What advice would you give them?
  5. Finally, follow that advice…unless it means you have to break the law, bend the rules, or go without face moisturizer for a week. Come on, that last one was funny. :)

On a serious note, I gave you the roadmap…now it’s up to you to follow through, stay the course, and cross that finish line.

Need an accountability partner? That’s where I come in. If you dream of finally being able to break free from dragging your feet and procrastination, we should talk.

Time to rock!!!

Take Care,

P.S. Break the procrastination cycle TODAY. A quick 20-minute call with me will do you some good. Let's do this!