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The only way to start something is to…START!

Have you ever wondered how some of the billionaire moguls get to THAT level of success? 

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself: they must have been born with this ability, they were just lucky, or they had access to the right resources.

But, if you’ve ever read the story of anyone who falls into the “famous billionaire” club…they all have one thing in common.

They simply got started.

Right now, you might be stalling on a project or an idea. Perhaps you are stuck in “perfection paralysis” or you don’t have the “big budget” to launch. 

There could be a billion other reasons why you haven’t “started” but at the end of the day…I’m going to guess, the fear of the unknown is holding you back.

Can I tell you a quick story? 

Back in April, I was invited to a three-day conference in Philadelphia. 

I had a chance to network and connect with some of the most exciting though leaders in the marketing, tech, and personal development world.

It was awesome and terrifying. Why? There were over 300 people attending…

I only knew a handful of people.

I could have let the fear of unknown stop me. I few short years ago, fear would have stopped me.

But, then…I realized that I didn’t have to navigate the room by myself. If I just started with the people I already knew, they would more than likely introduce me to “new” friends and potential referral sources.

Simply starting with where I was…gave me the boost I needed to take the next step.

Now, why am I telling you this story? Because building a business or crafting a world domination plan, requires us to get started.

With that said, I ask you today, where are you stalling in you business? What resources are you missing to take your business or ideas from good to great? Write these down.

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you can start with reaching out to your favorite “Queen” :) If not me, then who can you reach out to? 

Got that person in mind…great! Now, write down: who you want to reach out to, what you are going to ask them, and the date you will reach out to them by.

Finally, write down how you can support the ones that are helping you get what you want. Hint: sometimes, the best way to show your support for another is by simply asking, “How can I support you?”.

What was the most impactful lesson from today’s message? Tell me your thoughts below.

That’s all for now…I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Time to rock!

Take Care,

P.S. I recently had a chat with the founder of a billion dollar brand, UGG Boots. His name is Brian Smith and his story in unbelievable…listen today!