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How to build “expert” status in your industry

There’s a lot of power behind being the “go-to resource” or THE “expert” in your field.

After all, I know you’re the greatest thing since… the cup holder umbrella invention. (Yes, it’s really a thing.)

In all seriousness, it feels good to know that others see you as the leader in your industry. 

Sadly, many professionals will never achieve “expert” status. Not because they lack the ability…it’s because they lack F.O.C.U.S..

Have you heard the phrase, “follow one course until success”? Sounds simple, right?

Lack of focus can lead to…

Loss of revenue
Loss of time
Loss of what you stand for

When you lose these things, it’s pretty challenging for others to seek it out for you.

So, how does one get back on track? Fortunately, I checked in with a couple of my friends who have mastered the art of F.O.C.U.S.. Here’s what they had to say:

Number one: Stop being everything to everyone. Andrew McCauley, who was named one of the “Top 100 Influential Twitter Users” says, that by leveraging the resources of others, we can be more effective and less overwhelmed.

He also shares his number one tactic to stand out, above your perceived competition. It’s priceless. Listen to Andrew’s words of advice, here.

Number two: Increase your media exposure. Visibility is the key part of marketing your business. According to Kerry Heaps of Strictly Marketing Magazine, she says, “what you do now, can help you five years from now.” 

Kerry also gave me the scoop on the five things you should have mapped out, before you seek media and publicity opportunities. Listen to her run down this list…you’ll want to take notes.

Number three: Get off the sidelines and get in the game. Positioning yourself as an “expert” takes time. Would it be great to get exposure on television and radio? Umm, of course. But, what are you doing right now to prepare for that moment? 

When you wait for the “dream” opportunity, you miss out on all the chances to get it right. If you need some direction on what you can do next, I’ve gotcha covered, here.

At the end of the day, being known as the expert at anything, means you have to be consistent with your efforts.

What was your most impactful take away from today’s message? Let me know by leaving your comments in the blog.

That’s all I have for you today!

Until next time…

Take Care,