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The Power Behind Delegation

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand to get rid of the stuff on your to-do lists, that you simply don’t want to do? 

The tasks that take you too much time or you don’t like to do can be the death of your energy, right? 

Doing everything yourself will end up costing you so much more money and time because you are only focused on the tasks, not the activities that really mean anything to you.

When I first started my business, I was doing EVERYTHING in my business. I was in hyper-growth mode and was super motivated to make a huge impact in my industry.

But, I learned pretty quickly that all the tasks “stuff” was taking me away from the thing that I was the best at, coaching my clients to get to the next level of their business.

That meant, if I wanted to spend more time coaching and consulting (i.e. be more profitable), I had to come up with a plan to delegate the stuff that wasn’t fueling me…or my piggy bank.

Sure, I am capable of doing some of the operational tasks, but I am not the most efficient at them. Quite frankly, bookkeeping overwhelms me... it sends me back to my college accounting class (a period in my life I would rather not talk about).

What was my plan, you ask? Well, it was a bit of a process…

Fortunately for you, I share the first step in the process in this short audio file...and you will want to grab a pen and paper.

After you listen to this super short clip…don’t forget to share your most impactful take-away. You can share your comments below this blog and I would be so grateful for your remarks.

Bottom line, there are tons of resources out there to help you with every aspect of your business and life. Be open to the idea of speaking up and asking others to help you.

It’’s time to ROCK!

Take Care,