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How to boost the “power factor” in your biz

Does it seem that certain people around you have that “it” factor?

It’s like everything they say or do turns into “gold”. Why them and not you, right?

I'm gonna stop you right there, my friend! Stop with that “woe is me…I'll never be great like them” mindset. Repeat after me “reality is filtered”…say it again!

Comparing your efforts to others is the major reason why you probably don't have what you really desire in your life and business. 

Imagine this. Your moving along your journey to success. Then, you notice another peer or friend fulfilling their dreams in their life and business. 

Their success inspires you to learn more about what they are doing. 

You start asking questions.

Maybe stalk their posts on social media. 

Before you know it, you’re losing traction with your own aspirations because you are too busy doing your darnedest to keep up with them.

So where does that show up for you right now? 

Is it in your business, relationships, finances, quality of life or all of the above?

“Power houses” are mindful of THEIR world…not anyone else’s world.

What are some steps to keep you on track with your path while tuning out others? 

#1 Turn off social media notifications 

#2 In the morning, reflect on your day before. Name two things that rocked and two things that could've gone better

#3 In the Castner household, we have a list of “power proclamations” that we recite every morning. Come up with your own list powerful mantras to start your day with. Want ideas? I share my list inside the “Business Power Factor Academy”.

#4 Remember, those who make it look easy, put a ton of time and resources into their practice. Your threshold of how hard you want to work it's entirely up to you.

As Colin Powell says, “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

At the end of the day, only YOU can be you! Take time to check in with your progress, stop saying “I wish I could…” and start working towards “I know I can…”!

Here’s to you ruling your world with power and poise!

Take Care,