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How to reframe yourself when life throws you a curve ball

Can you feel the energy of the New Year? I can. It’s full of “2016 is going to be my year” and “here’s to a whole new me this year”.

And, as much as I would like to believe this from everyone who is shouting these statements from the roof top, chances are…the glittery side effects from the gleam of the Times Square Ball will all be worn off by February.
This also means, falling into the same wicked vortex of not having enough time to eat right, go to the gym, show up to blow up in your business, spend quality time with your family, or finally quit that nagging addiction.
So how do we stay on track with our “new year, new you” commitments throughout the whole year?
First of all, we gotta get our head in the game. No template, technique, or cheat sheet will help you get to the next level without having the right frame of mind.
Next, writing out our intentions/goals on a daily basis is magicalistical (yes, I know this is the first time you are probably hearing this words, but it’s a “standard” around the Castner household).
When you write these down on a daily basis, extra festive magic happens when you write out two…and only two specific action steps, you are going to take in order to move you closer to your goals.
Last, embrace the curve balls that will be thrown your way. You know it’s going to happen! So, what’s your game plan to handle friction, chaos, and those tornados that seem to flare up without warning? Write this down, too!
I bet your probably wanting to dive deeper into making sure you are on track to “thrive” in 2016?
I figured you would want to! :)
For your listening pleasure, I recently was invited on as a guest on the "Heart of The Matter" with Brian R. King.
We chatted about getting clear about our purpose. Then, we life throws us for a loop, it's much easier for us to get back onto.

Click here to listen. 
I also share a pretty simple strategy to stay connected with others who can help us with our goals, techniques to embrace adversity, and so much more!
Here’s to you getting more of what you want in the New Year!
Take Care,