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Show “drama” and “chaos” who’s boss…that’s YOU!

Not long ago, drama and chaos was my middle name.

In 2013, I finally had my “come to Jesus moment”. 

I was thirty pounds overweight, swimming in $25,000 in debt, and on my way to divorce court (for the second time before 35). 

I was working way too hard because I was focused on the things that did not need to be so high on the priority list. 

On top of that, I was listening to other people’s opinions (which made me the President of the People Pleasers Club). I was completely overwhelmed by fear, especially when it came to money and relationships.

I was tired, over-worked, and drinking my way to numbing the sadness and madness. I felt like I had no way out of it.

But, I DID get out of it! Thankfully, I had the opportunity to work with one of the most brilliant coaches in the world. I committed to getting help for myself. He helped me whip my body, finances, and marriage back into the shape I had always dreamed of. 

We came up with simple plan to manifest the life and career I absolutely desired. Although the plan was simple, I still had to put the work into it. 

And, because I made the commitment to radically improve my life, this laid the foundation for the proper daily habits I eventually formed to maintain my results.

Through the process, I started coming to the conclusion that there are others going through this same cycle of confusion, chaos, and mental clutter. 

Chances are, deep down inside, this sounds an awful lot like your life at the moment. You have an annoying voice in your head that loves to hold you back from just freakin’ crushing it…am I right? 

Here's what I learned along my journey that I hope will be helpful for you:

  • Start your day off the same way, every day! Wake up and start a routine that fires you up! For example, I start my day writing in my journal. This gives me a chance to collect my thoughts, set intentions, and express gratitude. This also gives me clarity on my most important priorities and the freedom to delegate what is not.
  • Take five. Sometimes, taking five minutes to distance yourself from a challenging situation can elevate your mood or give you the clarity of what you want to do next. This can also help prevent you from saying yes to everything, without giving it a second thought. Throughout the day, plan to take five to fifteen minutes “breaks”. You will thank yourself for it!
  • Energy is everything! Want respect? Want more clients? Want people to stop treating you like you’re a doormat? Check your energy! How is your posture? Your tone of voice? Are you eating properly? Are you staying hydrated? Are you rested and recharged? Identify where you can improve in these areas.
  • Stop the gossip! I hear it all the time, “I'm such a positive person!” But, this same person is the biggest town crier. When there’s no scoop in the neighborhood, this person is usually shelling out the dirt from the latest reality television show. Gossip is the biggest culprit of keeping you from what you desire.
  • Last, but not least, get a partner to cheer you on and kick your butt along the way. As I said before, my way of thinking got me into the mess I was in…do yourself a favor. Seek a mentor or a coach (I know one) that will love you enough to tell you “step it up” but be there to lift you up when you’re down.

If you’re still reading this, that means you are obviously committed to taking your life and business to another level. Since I know that about you, I would have to imagine that you have the desire to rule your world with power & poise, right?

With that said, I invite you to join me on a journey to get you from over-whelmed to under control. It's starts with having a better grip on your communication. Sign up for receive my best tips how how to be a more effective communicator.

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