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5 Ways to Break Free From Over-Committing

Do you have a tendency to say "yes" to doing something when you want to say "no"?  Ever get so excited to start a new project but then, you begin to lose interest or lose sight of why you started doing it to begin with? 

Trust me, I used to be there. I get where you might be coming from. See, often times, we commit to something and then, life gets in the way, doesn't it? Perhaps we have the best intentions but then we start saying, "I don't have anymore time for this" or "I wish I didn't HAVE to do___!" 

If you are reading this blog post, chances are, you say "yes" to everything, but you always feel like you never get anything done. True? And, if you are always starting projects but never finishing them, how does that make you feel?  Disappointing your friends and family is one thing, but more importantly, this "go then stop" mentality can start to make you defeated.

You begin to doubt you can achieve your greatness, your purpose, your path. Before you know it, you start trying a little too hard to prove your worthiness by making excuses for why things didn't work out. 

Isn’t time to break this cycle of over-committing and then never seeing the commitment through? Are you tired letting yourself and other people down? Even as early as two years ago, I was constantly struggling with the "go then, stop" mindset. I would get super excited about taking on a new project to improve my quality of life or business and then, something was seemed to check me out of the game. I felt like I was working way too hard to be the master of everything, however, seemed to fail at everything.

It was not until I started working with a personal development coach that I started to break the cycle. He helped me come to my own conclusions about why I was constantly sabotaging my own success.

Our process of how when do anything is based our beliefs. These beliefs are “learned” over time. Unfortunately, these beliefs do not always serve us. They can create an unruly cycle of fear and doubt and stop us dead in out tracks.

If you are ready to break free from the cycle, re are some simple steps to stay on course to creating the business and life you desire:

Start saying "no" instead of "yes"
The next time you find yourself being asked to commit to an activity you really do not want to do or think you have the time for, ask yourself these questions:  Is this something that in completely in line with my vision and the direction I am headed? Is this something I can commit to 100 percent? If you cannot say "yes" to both of these questions, then perhaps it is best that you decline the offer or invitation.

Tune out other people's opinions or circumstances
Believe it or not, the act of listening to other people's opinions is simply disguised as...eeek, it's pretty scary, are you ready for it?  FEAR. Fear of not being capable of making decisions ourselves, fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of succeeding, fear of having to stretch beyond what is comfortable, and so on. It's okay to feel this emotion but dwelling in it can be costly. The next time you need to make a major decision, try making your own list of "pros and cons" before you consult with others.

Live in the present, not in the “I’ll finally be happy when…” syndrome

Here's the challenge with that thinking: There's NEVER going to be a better time than in the present to tackle your professional dreams and goals. Can I be frank with you? If you are not taking action towards a goal, you probably don't want it, after all. Want the secret to achieving success quickly? It's discipline TODAY! Professionals who want to achieve greatness for themselves and their business, simply do WHATEVER it takes to get it done.

Get some help from trusted resources
What's the answer to having a more efficient, profitable career path? It's called leverage. In the context of business, leverage simply means utilizing the efforts of others' resources to get the job done. Identify some tasks necessary to run your business but they can be "handled" by someone else

Plan ahead but keep it simple
We, as busy, working moms, do so much for others. It’s so easy to get off track.The key is getting clear about what is important to you. Map out your week ahead of time and take a moment each night to review the game plan. This simple act of "checking-in" each night, can save you precious time, help you recommit to your goals and connect with your "why".

Are you one of those professionals who...

Constantly procrastinates? Questions everything you do, a bajillion times? Fear you'll be exactly in the same spot, this time, next year?

If so, I'm bundling some of my favorite methods, strategies, and mantras to share with those who FINALLY want to:

  • Shatter procrastination....for good
  • Dramatically boost confidence
  • Accomplish goals...on the fast track (not the "watching molasses run up a hill on a cold winter's day" track)

Let's set up a "power chat". I'd love to learn more about you and how I can support you in your goals. There's no obligation on the call and I can'll know EXACTLY what your next step is, in creating the life and business you desire.

Time to rock!