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How to Move Through Resistance in Your Business & Life

Do you ever feel like you are constantly pushing and pulling for things to "work out" in your business or relationships? Are you going through one of theses moments right now? If you can relate, hang on...I've gotcha covered!

Many professionals try way too hard to work on their business and personal relationships. 
Of course, I am not suggesting you get super relaxed about your goals. I do, however, want to share some food for thought as to how you can make your life more simple! 

Do you sometime wish you could go back to a time when life was lighter and full of freedom? Believe it or not, we can have this freedom today...want to know how? Keep reading! 

Brooke in an elegant dance pose. I could watch her dance all day!

Brooke in an elegant dance pose. I could watch her dance all day!

Recently, my eighteen year-old "gift" daughter, Lauren launched her own photography business (I'm not even going to tell you what I was up to at eighteen). She has absolutely blown me away with all the ways she is driving awareness to her business. I am so proud of her! (Enter bragging moment...check out this picture she took of her sister). 

She has also been a huge help to the Queen of Results team, this summer. But, I have to admit, I was a little nervous about bringing her on the payroll. Not because she's my kid, but I had a ton of internal chatter that was saying things like, "Is she going to do the tasks just like me?" or "How long will it take me to train her?" or "How am I going to avoid 'family drama' if she's not meeting expectations?" Can you relate?

At the end of the day, I realized that my fears of bringing Lauren on the team had nothing to do with her abilities to get the job done but it had EVERYTHING to do with me being afraid of my own ability to lead!

I was also trying to make things more complicated than they had to be. Why? Because, I was second guessing myself. This leads me to my tip of the day in the video (check it out to the right of your screen...let's take a look shall we:

So, now that you have had a chance to check out the video, what was the most impactful message for you? My "ah-ha" for the summer: To surround myself with a bright-eyed, first year college student. 

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With that said... it's time to rock!

Until next time...take care,

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