How to be a more effective communicator

Have you ever felt your marketing message falls on "deaf ears"? Are you constantly fumbling for the "right things" to say to a future prospect or client? If you can say "yes" to either of these questions, today's tip is for you!

I recently had a conversation with a client who was struggling with knowing what to say at networking events and on her social media channels. In fact, she was so worried about her message being "wrong" or not valid that sadly, she didn't say anything at all.

Can you relate? I certainly know I can but here's what I have learned. Our marketing message is ALWAYS valid. However, we can get confused about who it's valid for. This leads me to my tip of the day in the video below...let's take a look shall we:

As promised, go check out Jayson DeMer's full article, "7 Things Good Communicators Always Do". It's simple to follow and packed with great information.

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