What seems to be holding you back in creating the business and life you desire?

Let me ask you...do you ever feel like there is an invisible force of nature puling you back from creating the business and life you absolutely desire? 

Perhaps, you feel like you are on the right track and then suddenly, something takes hold of you and knocks the wind out of your sails. 

We, as busy professionals, are obviously driven, self-motivated, and independent thinkers, right? 

Here’s the kicker: that last part (about being an independent thinker) usually ends up being the number one culprit keeping us from creating the business and life we absolutely desire.

Often times, our thoughts or beliefs about our business and life (in general) are often created from the thoughts and beliefs of other people. 

Our thoughts then become stories we tell ourselves…sometimes, this works in our favor. 

However, some of these stories can keep us in this imaginary gravitational pull that ultimately keeps us from moving forward and accomplishing greatness in our life and career. Can you relate?

Of course, there’s a few exercises you could do to remedy this. We don’t exactly have time to go into all those exercises today but... to get us going in the right direction, check out today's tip of the day: 

As I mentioned in the video, check out the article written by Doug Sandler: “6 Questions That Might Be Holding You Back”.

You can also check out my newest read: “Nice Guys Finish First”. Doug wrote that, too!

Now, after you watch this video and read Doug’s article, I would love to hear your take.

Specifically, which of the six questions do you want to know the answer to?

Do you have key pieces of advice you would like to share - perhaps you’ve done (fill in the blank) and it’s helped you move forward to rock out your life and business. 

Leave your comments down below...our audience will appreciate you for it :-)

You ROCK!!!

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