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What’s the simplest way to achieve the life you desire? That is THE million dollar question and honestly, this varies depending on the level of growth and commitment an individual is willing to put into their desired outcome.

The reason why most people never accomplish what they desire in life is simply because they do not have plan. Lack of planning leads to burn out, exhaustion, and the likelihood giving up on your dreams and desires. 

How do we stay on track AND avoid burning out? First, it’s important to take a snapshot view of where you are currently at in your world. Look at the following four areas: Business/Career, Relationships with Other People, Money Management, and Your Overall Quality of Life. Then, evaluate where our strengths and weaknesses lie. Chances are, there will be a reoccurring theme in our weaknesses. What can you do to strengthen THAT area?

For instance, I had a client recently see some patterns of neglect around her work commitments. When we started probing a little deeper, she realized she was being taken advantage of by certain co-workers. Although she felt a little used, she let the behavior continue because she was afraid of the “backlash”. She started feeling uncomfortable coming to work, her work performance was suffering (and so was her commissions). The situation was so bad that she often dreamt of quitting the job that she once loved.

Next, let’s determine where you want to be. It is not uncommon to be uncertain of your goals and priorities. Too many times, we lack clarity because of our circumstances. It is important to identify the pitfalls that are holding you back.

Although we cannot control circumstances, we can control our reactions. The more aware we are of our pitfalls, the better equipped we are to handle what ever is thrown our way.

Going back to my client for a moment, had she pinpointed the consistent behavior of her co-workers sooner, she could have “armed” herself with responses that would have empowered her instead of making her feel powerless. 

Last but not least, we have to have a game plan for success. Give yourself ambitious yet realistic benchmarks. It is super helpful to write this information down so you can “check-in” with the process. 

In the case of my client, she was able to set up a game plan that would help her “say no” without being judged, set up healthy work/personal relationship boundaries, and manage her emotions. In the process, she increased her sales by thirty percent, started taking more time out for herself, and found a new boyfriend.

How did she do it? She plugged into system that assessed her current situation, formed a plan to get her through the pitfalls, and gave her clarity about the steps she needed to take to realize her goals and dreams.

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