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035: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success with Robert Riopel

With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert Riopel has been blessed to travel around the world helping over 200,000 people find their passions and financial freedom. He has shared the stage with the Dahli Lama & Sir Richard Branson, and trained notables such as David Woods, Doug Nelson, Colin Sprake, Robert Yates and thousands of other trainers.

From humble beginnings in Calgary, Robert invested in a pizza franchise. Experiencing success early in his life also inflated the poor spending habits he already had which saw him go deep in debt. Only by learning to understand why he spent the way he did and how to dream again, was he able to go from being over $150,000 in debt to retiring financially free in only 9 months.  Now he tours the world a few weeks a year as a hired gun for some of the best event producers in the world.

His life dramatically changed in one defining moment… and yours can too!

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