"Erica helped coach me to better understand my businesses and the tools I needed to be successful. She guided me through a turnaround strategy for my family grocery business of 40 years and to mastermind my writing and consulting career. She's sharp and I was privileged to work with her. Erica is a creative, down-to-earth and focused professional."  – Emily Ramdas, Writer/Entrpeneur, Canada

I have a thriving AirBandB in the Atlanta area, as well as an accountably coaching company. Through Erica’s (and her husband) assistance, I have been able to connect with local resources in my town to grow my business even further.
— Keturah Williams, Coach/Entrepreneur, Georgia

"I have watched programs and read books on positive thinking, and I believe the mind is a powerful tool. However, Erica takes that idea to the next level. She has helped me focus on defining the most important goals and determine a plan of action to achieve them."

– Marnie K., Accountant, Florida

Erica has great energy and gets to the point. She focuses on what’s important and how to serve clients to create more value.
— Mo Hasan, Author/Trainer, Virginia

"Before I started working with Erica, I was generating enough business just to pay my operating expenses. I had some really ambitious goals, but did not know how to accomplish them. Although I still have a ways to go, Erica’s streamlined approach to zeroing in on the true priorities of growing my business has been extremely beneficial."

– Christine W. Instructor, Florida

“I have a pretty successful business but I wanted to streamline my efforts to spend more time with my growing family. Erica helped me pinpoint how to maximize my calendar to be more efficient in my daily activities so I can be more profitable with out working so hard.”

-Vaughn H., Financial Advisor, Florida

“Working with Erica has been one of the best things I could have done both personally and professionally. Through our work together, I have learned to value myself, and my time, which has made me more productive. Her compassion, her persistence, and her motivation is not just inspiring but contagious. She is absolutely amazing!”

- Tonya S.

"Working with Erica is an amazing experience and I am so grateful for it. I would highly recommend her VIP Game Day Intensive to anyone wanting to learn more about why they are not moving forward or to develop a plan for moving forward!"

– Debra Lee Nashed, Travel Agent, Florida