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Blow UP Your Brand Boot Camp 2.0

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A program to help you get quality clients!

 Increase sales. Fill your sales pipeline. Make an impact with your brand!

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Get support. Plug into a sales system. Skyrocket your results! Introducing…

The “Blow Up Your Brand” 2.0 Boot Camp…your ticket to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about getting your business in front of the people you’re meant to work with.

  • Are you struggling to find your ideal clients?

  • Do you want to expand into more lucrative markets?

  • Are you tired of working for clients who eat up your time…and profits?

  • Is your “branding” message falling on deaf ears?

  • Does it seem like you attract people who want to “pick your brain” rather than pay you what you’re worth?

  • Do you need a better way to bring in qualified leads?

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The Blow Up Your Brand Bootcamp works for B2B service based industries:

  •  Wealth Advisors

  • Insurance Agents

  • Coaches/Consultants

  • Real Estate

  • Attorneys

  • Public Relations

  • Health/Wellness

  • Non-Profits

  • Membership Organizations

  • Accountants

  • Travel Agents

  • …and more

 If you have a service based business, you need the Blow Up Your Brand Bootcamp.

 You’ll walk away from the “boot camp” knowing how to:

· Turn prospect into clients faster

· Market your brand to find your IDEAL clients

· Connect with decision makers with confidence 

Plus, you’ll learn my “Marketing Smarter” Formula (P.S. This formula is the same formula I have used to land over 200 podcast interviews, guest blog features and stages…without paying one dime for this kind of brand exposure)

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Discover a proven system that has helped hundreds of companies and organizations: find, connect, and convert clients…FASTER!

How it works: The six week, group study course will have two LIVE group coaching sessions to guide you on:

  • First weekly session: Lessons related to marketing and messaging

  • Second weekly session: Lessons at focused on implementation

 In addition to our weekly, on-line sessions, you’ll get templates, tools and easy-to-consume downloadable lessons to support your business growth goals.

 Your expertise + My guidance + Taking Action = Massive Game-Changing Results

 “What is my investment, you ask?”

 How much is “not being in front of your ideal clients” costing you? How many potential clients miss out on the transformation you can help them with because don’t have a solid plan to get in front of them? How many empty appointment do you have on your calendar?

Please note: The Blow Up Your Brand Boot Camp is a 2.0 version of another program once offered. Since I am making adjustments to the original program, this round of the “bootcamp” will be offer with a special savings. When the program gets launched again, it will be at a higher price.

 All-access to the Blow Up Your Brand Bootcamp is $500 (it’s seriously a NO brainer for those who want to grow their business….faster than they currently are.) 

AND… it’s my guarantee you’ll make at least three times your investment back before the bootcamp wraps…or I’ll keep working with you (of course, you’ve gotta be showing me, you’re doing the work necessary!)

 It’s time to increase your influence, maximize your sales productivity, and get known for your expertise, nationally or internationally…and I want to help you get there.

I think I covered everything. Questions? Ready to rock? Register now!

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