Are you are business owner or professional service provider who's spinning your wheels as it relates to you getting quality referrals?

Tired of playing the networking games, like meeting up with people over coffee or lunch, but there's little or no follow through after you meet? 

If so, you are invited to join me for a special free virtual training event:

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In the training, we are going to get clear about:

✅ Identifying the people who are most likely talking to your ideal client

✅ Zeroing in on where your referral partners are hanging out

✅ Tapping into your existing circle of influence to open up new opportunities

This is for you if you are a business owner or service provider who is:

❌ Going to elevendy-gajillion networking events that only seem to attract FAKE influencers and wanna be decision makers

❌ Booking coffee dates or lunch dates with people who have FAKE intentions about referring you clients (because, they only wanna pitch you for their services)

❌ Following up on FAKE know what I'm talking about

It's all going down LIVE and in can tune in from the comfort of your office or home Save your spot now!

I'm also going to reveal the five steps every business owner and service provider must take in order to achieve massive growth in their business, while being the most efficient with their time.

It's time to stop spinning your wheels as in relates to you winning more quality referrals WITHOUT wasting time at random networking events!

About your trainer, Erica Castner - Business Coach to High-Achievers and Visionaries


Focused on the art of productivity and partnerships, Erica Castner is a business coach who teaches her clients how attract their IDEAL clients through building quality referral partnerships. Sign up for the Virtual Training Call NOW!


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Get in front of decision makers & influencers who are most likely to refer you business WITHOUT wasting time at the wrong networking events!

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