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John Travolta wth Ed and Erica Castner - City Gala - Los Angles, CA. Photo: Ken Rochon - The Umbrella Syndicate

Erica Castner's most recent media appearances have been on the following podcasts, blogs, radio, articles, and television interviews:

The Umbrella Syndicate

Erica Castner is feature in a tribute gallery on The Umbrella Syndicate

Reframing SWFL

Erica Castner is featured on the cover of Reframing SWFL's June 2017 Edition

Southwest Florida Business Today

Topic: Five ways to deal with unexpected changes in your business

Erica speaks at Digital Footprint Atlanta

Topic: "The Three 'P's' to Rock Your Productivity"


Erica Castner featured in Thrive Global article, written by Tracy Hazzard

Topic: "Do These 3 Things to Successfully Shift from Marching to Movement"


Southwest Florida Business Today

Topic: Tips for getting your message in front of your ideal client (Guest cloumn)

Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton

Topic: Kim Sutton interview Erica Castner on Steps to Building Your Circle of Influence


Women Making Big Sales with Melinda Chen

Topic: Melinda Chen interviews Erica Castner on Sales Mindset, Relationship Building and How to Handle Discovery Calls

Your Shift Matters podcast with Dana Zarcone

Topic: Dana Zarcone interviews Erica Castner on Shifting from Self Sabotage to Self Responsibility and Success 

Worthy TV with Mimika Cooney

Topic: Mimika Cooney interviews Erica Castner on Turning Ideas into Results

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy

Sara Troy interviews Erica Castner on Focusing Our Communication

Thriving Beyond Podcast with Vidal Cisneros, Jr.

Topics: Vidal Cisneros, Jr. interviews Erica Castner about Overcoming Challenges in Business and Life

Power Up Podcast with Tonya Dawn Recla

Tonya Dawn Recla interviews Erica Castner on how to be a Super Powered Entrepreneur in a Complex World

Sustainable Business Podcast with Josh Patrick

Topic: Josh Patrick interviews Erica Castner on Discovering the Secrets to Having Strategic Partnerships

Shedding The Bitch Radio Show with host: Bernadette Boas

Topic: Bernadette Boas interviews Erica Castner on How to Show Up to Blow Up Your Influential Brand


Timelines of Success with Bill Conrad

Topic: Bill Conrad interviews Erica Castner about her Success, Life, Business Principles

You Leading You Podcast with Sean Ackerman

Topic: Sean Ackerman interviews Erica Castner on Why a Coach Needs a Coach


Work at Home Rockstar Podcast with Tim Melanson

Tim Melanson interviews Erica Castner on the Tool & Tips You Need to Run Your "Home-Based Business"

Join Up Dots Podcast with David Ralph

Topic: David Ralph interviews Erica Castner on How to Create a Lifestyle Around Your Business

Internet Ballers with Michael Pasha

Topic: Micheal Pasha interviews Erica Castner on Why You Need a Coach

How of Business Podcast with Henry Lopez

Topic: Henry Lopez interviews Erica Castner on How to Boost Your Strategic Business Relationships

Women Taking the Lead Podcast with Jodi Flynn

Topic: Jodi Flynn interviews Erica Castner on Taking Personal Responsibility

Moms With Dreams Podcast with Erica Gordan

Erica Gordon interviews Erica Castner on "How to Get Results in Your Business"

Heart, Soul, and Guts Podcast with Amy Biondini

Amy Biondi interviews Erica Castner on "How to Live Your Life with Power & Poise"

Brain R. King's Podcast

Brian R. Kin interviews Erica Castner on "How to Get Clear About Your Purpose"

November 23, 2016: Huffington Post article written by Leigh Clark - "How to Avoid Stress The Holiday Season"

October 27, 2015 Heart 2 Heart Biz Talks with Kim B. Smith

October 4, 2015 Making All The Right Connections with Sandi Eveleth





September 29, 2015 Word of Mom Radio with Dori DeCarlo






March 27, 2015 Work-At-Home Success with Leslie Truex

Here's what other are saying about Erica:

Erica’s powerful introspective desire to help people create the success they desire–combined with her hands-on business skills–creates a coaching experience for her clients that is unmatched in her chosen field. I know you will be more than happy with your end-result after choosing Erica as your business coach.
— David Essel, M.S., Founder Life Coach Universe®, Life Coach Certifications
Erica guided me through a turnaround strategy for my family grocery business of 40 years and to mastermind my writing and mastermind consulting career. Erica helped coach me to better understand my businesses. She provided clarity through her insightful observations and by asking me great food-for-thought questions. Erica is a creative, down-to-earth and focused professional.
— Emily Ramdas, Entrepreneur & Writer, Canada

Photos from some of my most recent community events:

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