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Do you feel like you could use an extra hour in your day….just to get “It” all done? You’d like to be more productive and less distracted, right?

If you said “yes” to either of those questions…You are invited to join me, Erica Castner and a few of my friends for the LIVE training event:

“Maximizing Your Day: How to Get Stuff Done…Faster” event on July 19 form 4 to 6 p.m. Tickets are $27

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“Maximizing Your Day” event will take place at:

Crowne Plaza Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops, 13051 Bell Tower Dr., Fort Myers, Florida 33907

You will walk away from the workshop knowing:

  • Which “time and energy vampires” you need to eliminate from your day
  • Five ways to dramatically boost your confidence in your professional world
  • How to identity your “power team” even if you don’t have a budget to hire staff

As an extra bonus: I’m also going to give you the scoop on how to cut your meeting times by at least fifty percent. (Holy shiitake mushrooms…this one strategy can save you up to ten hours a week)

If you are ready to maximize your day, what are you waiting for? Join us today! Tickets are $27 Sign up by clicking on the button below!

Panelists for the workshop include:

Gretchen Stewart

Carmen Salome

Amber Phillips

Kelly Fayer

Gretchen Stewart is the founder of Sunshine Press and the author of multiple books including upcoming titles The Choice and Simplicity. She hosts Joy Of Living Masterminds virtually as well as exotic retreats worldwide in order to help transform others with her simple life-changing perspectives. Empowering women is her mission, which helped inspire her forthcoming nonprofit. Whether it's her speaking, her books or Joy Manifesto, Gretchen uplifts the world sharing unique insights that have brought her joy, purpose, and peace.

Carmen Salomé has 17 years of local government experience that includes community affairs, budgeting and working for two Lee County Commissioners.  Carmen has volunteered on citizen boards and committees to include:  News-Press Editorial Board, Cape Coral Charter Review, Community Development Block Grant, Minority Affairs and many others.  In 2016, Carmen ran for Lee County Supervisor of Elections and was the only candidate in that race to qualify for the ballot by collecting the required 4500 signatures countywide. 

Chef Amber Phillips has been delighting discerning palates across Southwest Florida for nearly a decade.  Now, Amber delivers 400 to 500 healthy, gluten and dairy free meals weekly, as well as specialty allergenic menus to health-conscious professionals and athletes. In her free time, she spends time with her daughter, Meadow, and serves as vice-president of the non-profit Women's Network of Collier County.

Kelly Fayer, P.A. is dedicated to providing quality service to clients throughout Southwest Florida. She specializes in Estate Planning, Guardianship, Probate and Trust Administration, and Family Law. Kelly is a member of and holds a leadership position with many organizations in the community. She is the current Lee County Bar Association President and is actively involved with PACE Center for Girls and Relay for Life.

Let's face're probably checking this out because:

  • You feel like you waste a ton of time on stuff that really doesn’t get you any closer to achieving your goals
  • You're over-committed. You let other people's agendas come before your own
  • You have the best intentions of checking off your "to-do" list but distractions ALWAYS throw you off course. 
  • You wish you could get more hours in the day or have the ability to clone yourself

Sound familiar? If so, I can help. How?

For starters, I know how you feel. I've been in your shoes and it used to suffocate my productivity.

What changed? I tapped into someone else's proven process to shatter procrastination, boost confidence, and accomplish goals, faster and more efficiently.

In less than a year of working with my first coach, I had healthy boundaries with people who weren't respecting my time and then got rid of the bull-s*it beliefs that my time and priorities weren't as valuable as others.

When I began to honor my time:

  • I cleared the clutter that wasn't getting me closer to accomplishing my goals
  • I stopped dragging my feet
  • Completed more projects that actually excited me
  • Had more confidence to play a bigger game than I was playing

You'd like more of that for yourself, right?

Although we won't have time to cover my ENTIRE blueprint to maximize your day, you will walk away from the event knowing: 

  • Which “time and energy vampires” you need to eliminate from your day
  • Five ways to dramatically boost your confidence in your professional world
  • How to identity your “power team” even if you don’t have a budget to hire staff

If you're sitting on the sidelines in any area of your life or career, I invite you to join me for this special, 2-hour master class workshop. You will walk away from the event knowing the next steps you've gotta take, in order to maximize your day.  

You owe it to yourself to break-up with “time suckers” for good Sign up today!


"Erica's approach to simplifying the "connection" process is vital to anyone in sales...that means anyone in business. It's made a huge difference in my profits" 
> Kimberly F.

"Through our work together, I have learned to value my time, which has made me more productive. Erica is amazing!" 
> Tonya S.

If you want to stay focused, stop wasting time, and celebrate more wins in your life and career,  SIGN UP TODAY. The workshop is $27 to attend!!!