You're on a mission to serve more people with your service, product or non-profit and I have THE way to help you maximize your time, energy and efforts. 

Wouldn’t it feel good to get ALL your thoughts about how your message is going to compel people to take action with a streamlined, "I-know-what-my-next-steps-are" roadmap?

The “Master Your Message Game Plan” Program is a proven system where you will learn: 

Phase #1 - DETERMINE the Focus of Your Message

Get super clear about what you’re wanting to convey while establishing metrics to measure your results

You’ll discover how to:

  • Identify the people who are most likely meant to hear your message

  • Zero in on what you want your clients, prospects and supporters to do next

  • Leverage the power of your story to get people to take action


Phase #2 - RALLY the Right People with Confidence

Put yourself out there in places where future referral partners and potential clients are most likely ready to build rapport with you

You’ll discover how to:

  • Make a lasting (positive) impression with people you meet for the first time

  • The formula to maximize your conversations in meetings while buying back your time

  • Position yourself as a “go-to” service provider without sounding “pushy”


Phase #3 - ENGAGE Your Clients & Referral Partners to Consistently Stay Top of Mind 

Establish a consistent communication game plan so you can be relaxed in building relationships, instead of worrying about what to say. This also helps you know your true priorities so you can be focused on the what really matters, as it relates to growing your organization

You’ll discover how to:

  • Master the art of following up and tracking your progress

  • Increase your referrals, sales and contributions by “being of service”

  • Move people to take specific action


Phase #4 - AMPLIFY Your Reach and Impact

Now that you've got your tribe together, it's time to explore additional ways for you to expand your presence. This will also help you effectively bridge the gap between all your brand awareness activities

You’ll discover how to:

  • Boost your credibility by getting others to be your pied pipers

  • Bridge the gap between face-to-face and social media networking

  • Proven ways to expand your presence without costing you a fortune


Phase #5 - Maximize Your Time to Grow

Learn techniques to help you analyze what business building opportunities are the most effective

You’ll discover how to:

  • Make Success A Repeatable Process

  • Analyze where your marketing efforts are best spent

  • Refuel your passion when you start to feel burned out

Let’s get you from “confused communication" to “mastering your message"

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Here's how it works:

You when register for your private Master Your Message Game Plan Program, you'll get an email to invite you to book your first of twelve sessions. To maximize our time, our private sessions with be conducted via video conference (Zoom), so you never have to worry about a hectic commute AND you can get back into your work....FASTER.

You're also going to access to the "Unlock Your Full Potential" Questionnaire. There will be instructions emailed to you on how to complete this, prior to our first session.

Before we wrap up our first call, you and I will schedule the next session for a date approx. one week after our first call. 

The Master Your Message Plan is a no-brainer for business owners, service providers and non-profit leaders who are:

  • Tired of changing “what they say” and “how they say it” in order to get results

  • Spinning their wheels and not being productive with their time

  • Willing to trust someone else's proven system to grow their business

The Master Your Message Game Plan investment is $2,997…and trust me, it’s worth a heck of a lot more than that.

But, because your a friend of mine, you'll receive...

A Special Reduced Investment - a $500 savings - Which makes the Master Your Message Game Plan $2,497. 

What would one new QUALITY client, strategic partner or investor be worth to your organization?

It's time to leverage the power of your message to maximize growth and impact. Book today and receive the special reduced investment rate of $2,497.

You've got this! Enroll in the Master Your Message Game Plan Program all for the special rate of $2,497.00!

But Erica, what if...

What if I'm not clear on who my ideal client/supporter is? I get it. Especially, when you have so many ways your can help people with your service. In the pre-work you'll do (prior to our first session), there is a questionnaire that will guide you on how to zero in on your ideal client/supporter. This doesn't mean we necessarily turn business way, if it lands in our lap. The pre-work questionnaire allows you to get super clear on your favorite way/method to serve people while we get to work on crafting a plan to lead you to more of those people

What if I don't have a lot of people in my network? That's okay. The Master Your Message Game Plan Program focuses on the quality of the relationships vs. the quantity of contacts. What you've probably been taught is that the bigger your network, the bigger your business. That's not always the case... especially if you have a high touch, high level of service you provide to your clientele.  

What if I have questions in between sessions? After each weekly 60-minute session, I ask you to carve out an extra fifteen minutes for you to send me an email with: the highlights of our call, the most impactful take-away you learned and the two action steps you are going to take in the next seven days. I am available for email/text support, in between sessions. Of course, if there is something that requires more than a few emails and texts to figure out, when can schedule a mini-phone chat to answer a more complex question.

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Stop dreading all the work it's going to take and let me help you master your impactful message!

You deserve success without unnecessary stress. Empower yourself to take this step to achieving the results absolutely desire! What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY!

Time to ROCK Your Business Goals!

Enroll in the Master Your Message Game Plan Program to lock in the special rate of $2,497.00!

About Erica: For over two decades, Erica has helped business owners and service providers enhance their circle of influence to find, connect, and convert their ideal clients. In addition to working with small business owners, Erica has had the privilege of working with (and for) nationally recognized brands such as: Lancome Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, Sprint and the Miss America Organization, just to name a few.