Inspired Business Women Facebook Group Contributors

Be a IBW contributor

This opportunity is limited to the first twenty-one "Inspired Business Women" members who wish to be a featured contributor to the group.

How do you become a IBW contributor?

Commit share a piece of valuable content (relevant to women in business) on the IBW Facebook group wall, one specific day a week. I will be featuring twenty-one IBW members in the group and on my website, in exchange for providing quality, relevant content, at least four times a month.

For example, there are theme days in the group. Each contributor will be responsible for posting something relevant to that day's theme. Some ideas of a relevant post would be (to name a few):

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Non-promotional video/livestream
  • Blog (your own or another thought leader)
  • Articles from a mass media publication (Entrepreneur, Levo, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, etc.)
  • Book
  • Apps
  • Tip of the day
  • Podcasts
  • Information to upcoming professional development seminars

Current theme days:

Shameless Plug Sunday: This is a day for sharing the deets about you, your business or non-profit organization you love. You may also share tips on how to network and build better business relationships.  (Still need three contributors)

Marvelous Monday: This day is for expressing gratitude or sharing something to inspire the group (Still need two contributors)

Take Action Tuesday: This day is for celebrating a moment where you took action or to share educational resources on how to get "unstuck". (Still need three contributors)

Word of Wisdom Wednesday: This day is for sharing books, blogs, or articles that have impacted your life in a positive way. (Still need two contributors)

Thursday Trends: This day is for sharing marketing trends or resources on how to position your business brand (Still need two contributors)

Freedom Friday: This day is for chatting about "living the life you want". Some ideas for this day would be related to having the freedom to create the life you desire. This day would be ideal for productivity tips, as well. :) (Still need two contributors)

Shout-out Saturday: This day is to publicly "shout -out" another women in business, mentor, leader, or coach that has helped you out! (Still need three contributors)

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