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Friday, February 19, 2016 - Biz Chat Friday: How to Crack the Code to Living a Healthy Lifestyle while Kicking Butt in Your Career"

Lora Ulrich was our special guest. Here's what we covered: 
1. How to feel great, have more energy & love your body
2. The Mindset necessary to get “it” 
3. How commitment & consistency is crucial to achieving your goals

Visit Lora's website

As an International Lifestyle Coach, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Expert, Speaker & Entrepreneur, Lora knows firsthand the importance of living life in balance.

Lora works with individuals, groups and businesses to help them achieve a Healthy Lifestyle focusing on creating balance in nutrition, wellness, & mindset. She specializes in Helping Busy Women Crack the Code to Living a Healthy Lifestyle & Loving Their Body!  

Lora knows what it feels like to struggle with weight loss & energy issues! She grew up with asthma, allergies, bad headaches, thyroid issues & more. Through nutrition & wellness she was able to achieve & maintain her ideal weight & get off all medication except for thyroid meds.

“Every year gets better & at 49yrs, I feel the best I have ever felt. I'm not only trained in nutrition & wellness, I live this every day of my life. It's my passion to show Women how to take care of themselves, look great & feel great while kicking butt in their career & life as well!”

Friday, December 4, 2015 - Biz Chat Friday: "Captivate Your Tribe: How to Position Yourself as the Expert in Your Industry”

Are you wanting to be more visible in your industry? Wonder how others’ establish “credibility” so quickly while you can’t seem to launch upward in your success?

During this week's biz chat, we covered:

  • 5 Ways You Can Be More "Visible" In the Next 30 Days 
  • The Common Mistakes Most People Make When Introducing Themselves
  • Which Tools to Have to Boost Your Credibility

5 Ways You Can Be More "Visible" In the Next 30 Days

  • Go to a Chamber event- fear of not knowing anyone, fear of it not being a good return on your investment. Rock Your Biz in 60 Days will help you leverage your face-to face networking.
  • Writing guest blogs/getting others to write guest blogs. I first learned this tips from a New Peaks event from Ken Courtright of Today’s Growth Consultants. His company is the “rockstar ninja” of building authority and revenue generating websites. It teams you up with another person’s audience and adds more content to your website.
  • Search social media channels for podcasts/radio show opportunities in your niche
  • Start a “show”. YouTube, Periscope, Podcasting, Bold Radio Station
  • Start a group on social media in your niche. Keep in mind your share vs. sell. 80/20 rule
  • Get someone to share your story. This might investing in a public relations firm to help you with this. I have tons of resources for these types of people.

The Common Mistakes Most People Make When Introducing Themselves

  • Not being prepared to interact with their “audience” - be aware of other people’s body language, mannerisms, tone of their voice. By not being aware, you could drive them away. Be you, but be mindful and thoughtful in your communication with others
  • Make the conversation all about business    
  • Reveal all their cards at once. Try not to rattle off everything that represents you and your business
  • They don’t put their best foot forward, outward and inward appearance counts
  • Burning through conversations - it’s about quality not quantity
  • They “knock” their perceived competition

Tools to Boost Your Credibility

  • Testimonials - It's more impactful for other people to chat about how awesome you are!
  • Writing blogs/articles. Yes, it takes work but take this approach: 
    • Step 1: Think about the Top 3 subjects/solutions you offer to your clients. Write these down on paper.
    • Step 2: For each of these subjects, answer the following questions: 
      • What is my clients’ biggest challenge around _____
      • How can they fix it?
      • What might be holding them back from resolving this issue?
      • What can they do in the next week to move them forward?
    • Step 3: Congratulations. You now have the frame work for 12 weeks worth of blogs (In the upcoming “Rock Your Biz in 60 days” pre-launch party, I go even deeper with this topic
    • P.S. I teach how to simplify the "blogging/content writing" process in my "Rock Your Biz in 60 Days" Pre-Launch Program
  • Invest in Copywriting Ninjas - this is also an investment but it's SO important
  • Videos/Podcast/Audio downloads…tip from Today’s Growth Consultant’s Business Development Director, Bill Courtright: “Get audio and video files transcribed”.  Google only scrolls for words, not audio/video. By not getting these files, transcribed, you are not leveraging these files to their fullest potential. 
    • Erica uses Rev.com to get all my files transcribed. It ROCKS!

Additional References:

Shana Lebowitz “5 common networking mistakes pros never make” 

Belen Chacon “10 Common Networking Mistakes To Avoid”

Kieron Corion: 3 Ways To Build Instant Credibility For Your Brand

That's it for the show's notes. Our next show will be on December 18 at 10 a.m. EST


Want to Rock YOur BusinessLike A Boss Lady-2.png

Want to continue the discussion about building the reputation that you are THE "go-to" person in your field? Those who become part of the Inaugural "Rock Your Biz in 60 Days" Beta test program will get tips to help them position themselves as the leading boss in their industry. 

Friday, October 9, 2015 - "Coffee With Queenie: “I Have So Many Goals I Want to Accomplish…Where Do I Start?”

Do you have way too many "important goals" but seemed over-whelmed in accomplishing them? Would you like a simple method to "fast-track" your success?

During this week's coffee chat, we will reveal:

  • How to determine the most important area of focus in your life or business (there's ONLY one "most important" area)
    • What’s the area you have put off the longest? What area are you the     most afraid of?
    • Steps to achieving goals…do something towards it everyday, is it realistic, tell others, track your progress, make it fun.
  • Things to look out for and limit along your journey of success:
    • Trying to do EVERYTHING yourself : Check out this article
    • According to Jeff Havens (Fast Company article) Teams, always beats individual (example, tug of war games will not last too long if it’s nine against one
    • Benefits of utilizing a team: We are constantly building of the knowledge of other.
    • Nobody has done anything alone..think about it, you’ve always had somesort of influencer guiding you (parents older siblings, teachers) why would “improving the weakest link of your life be any different”?
  • Being the right resource for everyone
    • The riches are in the niches. 
    • Get super clear on your who want to work with. Write this out.             
    • Get to know other people in your industry who can handle the  types of clients you energetically don’t connect with. (Example:  how many times have your rolled your eyes when you have the answer and call or email from a “client” who is a thorn in your side.)
  • Giving up because there’s “road blocks”:
    • Try working on one thing at at time
    • Set a timer for short amounts of times to complete tasks
    • Remember, perfection is procrastination
  •     What you can do today to commit to a better and brighter future…tomorrow
    • Surround yourself with people that can pull you up. I love surrounding myself with people that are “smarter” than me
    • Plug into accountability. “You, yourself, will only get you so far. Other people will be able to pull you out of your own way.
    • Mastermind with others: Stephanie Burns who is a contributor of ForbesWoman She wrote an article: The 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind
  • We also discussed getting access to the ENTIRE "Rock Your World Series" and quote card. You will be receiving a separate email to get these goodies :)
  • I also announced opening my ROYALTY Mastermind Experience Program. Check out the details here. REMEMBER, The first FIVE people who sign up with get TWO (2) 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me. We will discover where you are in the process of creating the business and life you desire plus, give you practical tips on how to ROCK YOUR WORLD, RULE YOUR UNIVERSE!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015 - "Coffee with Queenie: “Help…I’m My Own Worst Enemy: How Do I Conquer Self-Sabotage?"

Erica's Talking Points:

Do you instantly compare yourself to others? Are you always in an up-hill battle with the person in the mirror? If you said "yes" to any one of these questions, today’s chat is for you!


During this week's coffee chat, we will reveal:

Questions to check-in with when you recognize self-sabotaging behaviors

Section Resource

Ever say, “I can’t do that” or “that will never work”. This shows up in procrastination, not feeling worthy, resentment, judgement, anxiety

First Step: Acknowledge this behavior. Ask yourself: what other areas of my life do I avoid making decisions? Also, is there an underlining emotion that is preventing you from moving forward: jealousy, anger, frustration? Is there an are where people get frustrated with you?

Next: Monitor Negative Thinking: Write these down…bonus assignment…set a timer for 8 minutes. Reset the timer for 3 minutes: Quickly rate on a scale of 1-10 how stronger you feel about the negative thought. Reset the timer for 2 minutes: Rephrase the negative thoughts that have a higher than 5 rating into something more positive

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Rubber Band around your wrist, snap it when you have the negative thought, say “cancel” and immediately replace it with a positive thought

Simple techniques to “ground” you when you feel like you are going to “explode”

Session Resource

Imagine yourself “angry” Sometimes, visualizing what this looks like can slow you do. 

Meditate or exercise in short burst to expel this negative energy

Separate yourself from what triggers your rage the most…what is it, specific part of your job, a family member? When you know what it is…what are some steps you can take to remove yourself from this energy?

Empowering phrases to use when you feel like your being manipulated: 

Section Resource

Self talk…keep this positive. Even if it’s to yourself, your nervous system will be into it :)

Build yourself when ever you can…don;t think this works? Well, you yourself down about believe that, right?

Love without conditions to yourself.

Put this on your daily calendar to practice

Friday, September 11, 2015 - Coffee with Queenie: 

“Stop Doing Everything & Getting Nothing Done: How to create More Flow in Your Life”

Do you say, "YES!" to everyone someone asks you to do? Are you ready to break that cycle? Are you over-committed?

Here's what we covered:

Classy ways to say "no" to stuff you really don't want to do

Five ways to break free from Over-Committing

Details about an upcoming FREE series that's going to "Rock Your World” 


Classy ways to say no:

A project you can’t commit to:

“I can’t make that a priority right now, so I have to decline, but I appreciate you thinking of me.”

“I would love to help but I am already over committed…I might have another person in mind that could help!”

Demands of your boss, spouse, kids:

“If I do A today, I won’t be able to get to B until tomorrow. Is that okay, or do we need to rethink which one I should be working on?”

What’s the most important tasks that I do today? I can be flexible with me on completing these other tasks.


“I don’t think we’re a good fit, but thanks for thinking of me

What happens when someone ask something ridiculous of you?

Alexandra Frazen, professional writer and columnist for Huffington Post, Time, Forbes, Lifehacker and Newsweek. She suggests:

First, acknowledge the ask. 

Second, make a “policy statement” Something like, “When I first started my biz, I madecommitment to myself that I would…”

Third, “As much as I would like to honor your request, I would be going against my word…Thank you for understanding my policy."

P.S. I would love into… I wish youthe best. I know you’ll find the right solution

Check out the article here! 

Start saying "no" instead of "yes"

The next time you find yourself being asked to commit to an activity you really do not want to do or think you have the time for, ask yourself these questions:  Is this something that in completely in line with my vision and the direction I am headed? Is this something I can commit to 100 percent? If you cannot say "yes" to both of these questions, then perhaps it is best that you decline the offer or invitation. 

Tune out other people's opinions or circumstances

Believe it or not, the act of listening to other people's opinions is simply disguised as...eeek, it's pretty scary, are you ready for it?  FEAR. Fear of not being capable of making decisions ourselves, fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of succeeding, fear of having to stretch beyond what is comfortable, and so on. It's okay to feel this emotion but dwelling in it can be costly. The next time you need to make a major decision, try making your own list of "pros and cons" before you consult with others.

Live in the present, not in the “I’ll finally be happy when…” syndrome

Here's the challenge with that thinking: There's NEVER going to be a better time than in the present to tackle your professional dreams and goals. Can I be frank with you? If you are not taking action towards a goal, you probably don't want it, after all. Want the secret to achieving success quickly? It's discipline TODAY! Professionals who want to achieve greatness for themselves and their business, simply do WHATEVER it takes to get it done. 

Get some help from trusted resources

What's the answer to having a more efficient, profitable career path? It's called leverage. In the context of business, leverage simply means utilizing the efforts of others' resources to get the job done. Identify some tasks necessary to run your business but they can be "handled" by someone else

Plan ahead but keep it simple

We, as busy, working moms, do so much for others. It’s so easy to get off track.The key is getting clear about what is important to you. Map out your week ahead of time and take a moment each night to review the game plan. This simple act of "checking-in" each night, can save you precious time, help you recommit to your goals and connect with your “why".

Friday, August 21, 2015 - Coffee with Queenie: "'Social Media' Like a Queen Bee

Erica's Talking Points:

Coffee with Queenie Recap "'Social Media' Like a Queen Bee"

Are you getting frustrated by not gaining enough momentum in your social media efforts? Do you scratch your head when your perceived competition is "everywhere" on social media? 

This segment is all about "'Social Media' Like a Queen Bee". Here are the talking points from last week's discussion:

Reveal three simple steps to increase engagement:

Step 1: Ask questions

Step 2: Engage with other people

Step 3: Share articles, videos, photos

Identify the top 5 social media practices to avoid and what to do instead:

Social media practices to avoid:

    -Not posting enough or too much- no planning

    -Posting too much about your upcoming events or promotions

    -Not cross promoting

    -Neglecting to ask for feedback. Only posting what you think your audience wants to see or read

    -Negative ranting on personal page

What to do instead:

    -Use scheduling tools: buffer.com, google alerts

    -Think of yourself as an expert. Share relevant articles about your industry.

    -Let people know that you are on ABC social media platform on XYZ platform. 

    -Set up surveys in Facebook, as a multiple choice question

    -Stop being negative

The secret sauce to getting your followers to share your posts:

Put up inspirational messages, join groups (offer tips and techniques), collaboration (contact other people who are like minded and form a social media collaboration).

Want my social media content/post scheduling tool? Download your copy for free today!

Friday, July 31 - Coffee with Queenie Recap: Be Unstoppable: Three Strategies to Create the Business & Life You Desire

My name is Erica Castner.  I helping  working moms connect with the resources to save them time, create more work/life balance and find happiness.

I have been labeled the "Queen Bee" of connected like-minded  women together to support one another, while showing them ways to be more efficient in their work...so they can get back to living the life they desire.

I do this by eliminating the guess work for my clients. I have figured out a system that allows me to fit all the things that are important to me into my life.

I used to waste so much time and energy, wearing WAY too many hats. I felt tired, frustrated because I was always "working", and alone in my struggle to stay on top of it all.

In 2014, my beautiful teenage "gift" daughters were crying because they wanted more quality time with me and their dad but, we were always working! That was the final straw. Later that summer, I made a commitment to quit my "9 to 5" to build a career and life style around my terms.

I spent the rest of the year, building a plan to live out my dream of helping other professional women achieve greatness (their definition of this). Was it easy? No. Did I learn  a lot? Heck Yeah! I started step-by-step, day-by-day. I asked questions, I was willing to be coached through the process and more importantly, I figured out a way to make life incredibly simple!!!

There's so much more to this story but for now, all you need to know is, this one event changed the entire course of my life. It was the beginning of a new path to unravel what ABSOLUTELY works in creating more quality moments in life.  

I have also learned what doesn't work. I want to share with you my insights of how I got to where I am today and how you can have all that your desire!

Join us each Friday for "Coffee with Queenie": Virtual coffee date with like-minded power moms to share ideas, save time and start living the life you desire!

During the Coffee with Queenie calls, we will chat about:

  • Tips to save you time, money and energy
  • Create more space for awesomeness and less time for drama  
  • The secret to better communication with your partner/children/friends/co-workers

  ....and so much more!!!


This is a free call but I only have room for a few. I want you to have access to me so I have to limited the number of seats, in order to get to everyone. To save you spot and receive the special access code, sign up today!!!

What clients say about the Queen of Results' webinars:

"Erica's approach to simplifying the process is vital to any working mom! It's made a huge difference in my happiness and feeling free!" 
> Kimberly F.

"Through our work together, I have learned to value my time, which has made me more productive. Erica is amazing!" 
> Tonya S.

Since this is information most working moms can apply to their situation, spots will run out FAST! Don't wait another minute! Guarantee your spot NOW!!! Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation code from me with your access code to the call! It's that easy.