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Hear what others have to say about working with me:

Erica’s powerful introspective desire to help people create the success they desire–combined with her hands-on business skills–creates a coaching experience for her clients that is unmatched in her chosen field. I know you will be more than happy with your end-result after choosing Erica as your business coach.
— David Essel, M.S., Founder Life Coach Universe®, Life Coach Certifications
Erica’s streamlined coaching approach to zeroing in on the true priorities of my business has been extremely beneficial.
— Christine, Health Instructor
Since working with Erica, I have seen tremendous differences in my business.
— Marnie, Accountant

Let's face it! You ROCK in your field! You want to make an impact on the people that you serve! 

But. there seems to be a lot of "noise". Even though you know you are the best solution to your clients' needs, how to you begin to stand out among the other "experts" in your field?

Being visible is the key to staying top of mind with referral partners, clients, and professional peers. Although, it can be a balancing act when you are wearing way too many hats in your business.

If so, building your professional network is absolutely essential to creating a thriving, sustainable business!

Quite simply, I coach leaders: how to find their ideal client, how to form long-lasting business relationships, and how to stand out as the expert in their field!

If you struggle to get to the next peak of success in your are in the right spot!

Want to revolutionize the way you do business and more impotently,  how to position yourself as the expert in your field? 

Why am I so passionate about the revving up the business growth of  leaders?

If you are like me, you have great aspirations of building a network of professionals who you can collaborate with and refer business to each other.

But sometimes, one or more of these reasons limit you from shining like the rockstar I know you are because networking activities are:

  • Too time consuming for the effort you put into it
  • Challenging because you're not sure where to find people to network with
  • Great...but you have trouble knowing what to say to people or the confidence to ask for their business.
  • Over-whelming because of all the follow-up you've gotta do once you connect with someone

What if there was a way to eliminate the "chore" of building business relationships? 

My name is Erica Castner, the founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching & Consulting, a company dedicated to helping YOU communicate your message with power and poise.

I began to work in this field because I saw too many women lack confidence in talking about what they do for business. I see also see a ton of women trying to be everything to everyone.

Because of this, they: 

  • Feel like they never build momentum in the business, 
  • Think that there too much competition at networking events (so why bother)
  • Bill themselves as “affordable” or “the cheapest”
  • Lack work/life harmony and burn out

Being the "ruler" in your industry sounds hard, doesn't it?

Lucky for you...I learned some techniques that will get you feeling more confident and communicate your message with power & poise!

Experience the freedom to ROCK your world and business, without the fear of your "competition" or scarcity of enough business to go around!

 It's time to ditch the "overwhelm" and trade it in for the "under-control" ROCKSTAR you really are!

I know you have a few things running through your mind, like:


  • This all sounds good, Erica but...what if this doesn't work for me?
  • Is there just some book I can read to figure all of this out?
  • How much money is this actually going to cost me?
  • My situation is super unique. Nobody can understand it, let alone fix it!

Well, you won't know if it works for you unless you try something new. Your business thrives on the activity you put into generating new leads and strategic partners. I have a free training series that will give you the scoop on how to be more efficient with your networking efforts :)

And, your situation may feel unique to you but I can guarantee you that I have seen it all when it comes to building better business relationships. Try me!

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