Isn't is about time for a coaching program that is delivered on YOUR time and terms?

Super confused about your path to achieving greatness and fulling your purpose? Do you want some help in getting a good game plan but you are not ready to take on a 1:1 coach, yet? If this sounds like you...keep reading!

Chances are, you fall into one of these categories:

  • You are a business leader who wears WAY too many hats. You can't fathom putting one more thing on your plate and you wish you had "more of you" to get more done.
  • You are tuned into other people and other ideas. This is confusing you and you wish you could break away from all the noise and get clarity on what's important to YOU!
  • You have a brilliant idea to impact the ones around you and beyond but you have NO IDEA have to get started. 

Being in any of these situations can take a toll on your business and your relationships. In some cases, it can be devastating to your finances and quality of life. How do I know? I've been there!

Now, my mission is the help YOU cut the chaos and crap, get clear on your intentions, and create awesome habits that will sustain your success for the long haul!

I realize for some of you, working with a coach one on one is a scary thought for a number of reasons. One, you really don't know if you make that time and financial investment, is it going to pay off? 

Second, you may wonder: "do I have the skillset to move forward through a coaching program?" If you are reading this, you absolutely do have the skill set to walk yourself through a coaching program.

Through working with my own coach, I discovered that my life's mission was to help entrepreneurs and business leaders, just like you, get to the next step of clarity in their world.

For many of you out there, the financial and the time commitment alone is enough to keep you stuck exactly where you're at. 

Today I want to tell you about an amazing opportunity to work with a powerhouse coach like myself, without the powerhouse commitment. Would that be good?

For some of you, the thought of putting one more thing on your to-do list seems super overwhelming. You may also be concern about your stressed to the max budget. If either of those statement ring true for you, I’ve gotcha covered. This is why I created the “Back on Track” Coaching Program.

This is a kick-start coaching program, dedicated to cutting the chaos from you life, getting you clarity on the things the most important to you, and creating habits to sustain your success. It’s completely at your pace!

Here’s how it works! Each week, you will get a simple email from me with the a combination of the following:

  • Highlights from my bi-weekly group coaching session
  • Worksheets to keep you on-track with your goals
  • Nuggets of inspiration to get you through some of your biggest hurdles
  • Access to some of my most brilliant “how-to” training in subjects like, Business, Relationships with Others, Many Management and Improving your Quality of Life

In 2013, my life looked great on the surface but underneath it al, I was falling apart! I was thirty-five pounds over-weight, I was swimming in tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and let's just say that if things did not change, I would be heading to divorce court...for the second time before I turned 35. It was not a pretty look and the worst part, I was trying to keep it all together, all by myself!

Today though, however, I've lost the weight, I've got rid of the debt, and my marriage could not be strong. Now what happened in that short amount of time? For starters, I got help. I got a coach. I started working one on one with a trained professional, certified master life coach, that helped me get to that next level of growth and awesomeness. 

You know what else is good. The “Back on Track” Coaching Program is a monthly subscription with NO contracts or obligation to stay within the group for an specific length of time.

Again, the "Back on Track" program is based on your own time and your ability to fit this into your life. For less than your monthly coffee splurge, you can get access to a proven system to help YOU get all that you desire!  (This program goes for $47 a month...Grab this deal before time runs out!)

For those of you interested in taking your life and business to the next level and you want to a program that's going to fit around your schedule, I highly encourage you to join me on this super flexible way to eliminate confusion and chaos from you world. 

Ready to take the next step in getting more clarity and confidence in living out your life's purpose? I invite you to join me in this fabulous experience to really get you back on track to creating the life you absolutely desire.

Stop wishing for more clarity, Start creating the habits that are going to sustain your success!

You are worthy of greatness. You are deserving of all that you wish to accomplish! Empower yourself to take this step to getting the life and business you absolutely desire! Get "Back on Track" to achieving what is important to you! The amazing price of $27 a month gets you access to some of the most valuable information to change your life! But, this price won't last for long. What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY!

Here's what others are saying about working with me:

"Through our work together, I have learned to value my time, which has made me more productive. Erica is amazing!" 
> Tonya S.

"Erica's approach to simplifying the "connection" process is vital to anyone in sales...that means anyone in business. It's made a huge difference in my profits" 
> Kimberly F.