However, you seem to lack quality leads for your business. 

And, you’re baffled because you’re showing up at networking events and posting on social media…

But, you basically have very little to show for these effort.

No leads means no business. That’s heartbreaking AND a tough lesson to learn.

Chances are, you fall into one of these categories:

  • I am brand-new to the idea of "networking" where do I start?
  • I've been to a few networking events but I have a hard time meeting the "right" people for my product or service.
  • I am a social butterfly at networking events but I'm not sure how to turn those connections into sales or even, inviting them to learn more about what I do
  • I primarily network online but I barely have anything to show for my efforts.

Regardless of where you are, guess what? I’ve been there, too.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Erica Castner and I help busy professionals attracts more quality leads, establish strong relationships with referral partners, and create loyal clients. 

At the end of the day, my clients are more clear about what they want to say to future clients and confident about where their business leads are coming from.

Once upon a time, I was dealing with these same anchors. 

  • My work (my message) had to be perfect, or I didn’t act.
  • I was overwhelmed by all the things I thought were driving more customers my way.
  • I had a bunch of nay sayers, all up in my face, telling me that I was going to fail
  • I avoided seeking help from anyone, because I didn’t want to look stupid

But, you know what happened:

I hit rock bottom. I was tired of spinning my wheels and getting no where. I sought help from a coach that helped me realize that if I didn’t share the benefits of my products and service with others, I was actually robbing them of an opportunity to solve their biggest problem.

He helped me understand that my business, my service, is meant to change lives.

What else did I learn? I learned that it’s important to:

  • Clearly DEFINE what to say to prospects and clients in every part of the sales process
  • CONNECT with leaders who "get" you and understand the importance of building quality business relationships
  • ENGAGE those connections and turn them into your biggest fans

The first step to AMPLIFY your results:

Being aware of what's getting in between you and your goals.

Here’s what I think you might be struggling with:

  • You are too much of a perfectionist...everything has to be just right before you take the next step.
  • Your super high energy often gets you "volun-told" into a ton of're too busy to slow down.
  • You're such a positive person but you have some negative nellies who don't really support you and your goals.
  • You feel like you are the smartest person in the wish there were others who could help you "raise your game”.

AMPLIFY will help you:

Realize that you are perfectly perfect. Authenticity is the best way to stand out in your industry.

-Prioritize the most important business building and lead generating activities

-Define what’s keeping you from just freaking crushing it…this was a huge eye-opener for me

-Connect with people who are already talking to your ideal client…this is going to save you so much time…you’re welcome.

What’s include in the AMPLIFY membership program?

  • Weekly, bite-sized video modules that will amplify the ROI on your networking efforts….we’re talking step-by-step instructions, my friend!
  • Worksheet for each module…to help you track you success and ideas
  • Monthly group calls to support your business building efforts. I may also bring a few of my favorite “peeps”, who crush it in their industry, to share some of their tips.
  • Private Facebook group with special virtual office hours…this will also get you connecting with other like-minded professionals to help you grow and develop, personally and professionally

This is for professionals who are:

  • Tired of spinning their wheels at networking events
  • Struggling to build a following, on-line
  • Hearing “crickets”, when it come to their social media engagement
  • Challenged with finding their ideal customers or people to connect with
  • Unsure of the best “follow-up” strategy
  • Afraid of being too “salesy” or “pitchy” when they talk to prospects
  • Eager to “educate” and support others
  • Willing to make investment in yourself and the growth of your business

This is not for you if you:

  • Like wasting time at networking event
  • Rock your social media efforts
  • Have a ton of business leads and customers
  • Have a solid follow-up strategy
  • Do not want to change your current networking situation
  • Take the “I want a successful business, like yesterday” approach
  • Dislike helping others get what they want
  • Want everything for free and are not willing to work hard for you business

If you are ready to AMPLIFY your business leads, profits, and happy clients, sign up for AMPLIFY today.

Your membership investment: $100 for the whole year (for the first 100 people, you will be the charter members of the AMPLIFY Your Business program)

The value of this program is way more than the cost…why?

  • I have invested over 100K in my own personal and professional development in the past 3 years. And…I keep investing. 
  • I believe that you have a take first step. For most of you, it’s hard to justify spending a boat load of money on a program, on blind faith. 
  • Massive results require a team effort…the more people in the AMPLIFY program, the more opportunity you have for professional and personal growth.

If I am going to be frank…

I am so tired of hearing that price is a barrier for you kicking ass and taking names in your business…but I also believe you find value in things that you pay for…period.


What are you waiting for…take the next step in AMPLIFYING your business results.

You’re investment $100 for the whole year and you will be in a much stronger position to crush you business goals.

This is a beta launch. Program starts July 12. 

Each week you will get an bite-sized, power packed module that will get you the power to rock your networking efforts. A work sheet will accompany the video module to guide you.

You will also have access on a monthly "Amplify" master-mind session. This gives you direct access to me and the other participants, to ask questions, get live support and so much more. 

You will also have access to a private Facebook group. This is a chance for you to connect with like-minded people who can potentially refer you business.

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The first 50 professionals to sign up will lock in the special "Beta Price" after that...the price goes UP! Join me today!