However, it’s overwhelming as all get out to think about ALL the things you might have to do to get in front of the right people!

I know you’re probably showing up at networking events and posting on social media…

But, are you getting anywhere near the results you want for all the time, energy and money your dumping into those efforts?

If the answer is “no”, it’s time to get on board with a plan to fast track your business growth and sales efforts.

Chances are, you’re:

❌ Going to elevendy-gajillion networking events that only seem to attract FAKE influencers and wanna be decision makers

❌ Booking coffee dates or lunch dates with people who have FAKE intentions about referring you clients (because, they only wanna pitch you for their services)

❌ Doing RAOSM (Random Acts of Social Media) just hoping and praying someone’s going to take the next step in your sales process.

Regardless of where you are, guess what? I’ve been there, too.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Erica Castner and I help busy professionals find, connect and convert more of their ideal clients

At the end of the day, my clients are more clear about what they want to say to future clients and confident about where their business leads are coming from.

Once upon a time, I was dealing with these same anchors. 

  • My work (my message) had to be perfect, or I didn’t act.

  • I was overwhelmed by all the things I thought were driving more customers my way.

  • I had a bunch of nay sayers, all up in my face, telling me that I was going to fail

  • I avoided seeking help from anyone, because I didn’t want to look stupid

But, you know what happened:

I hit rock bottom. I was tired of spinning my wheels and getting no where. I sought help from a coach that helped me realize that if I didn’t share the benefits of my products and service with others, I was actually robbing them of an opportunity to solve their biggest problem.

He helped me understand that my business, my service, is meant to change lives.

What else did I learn? I learned that it’s important to:

  • Clearly DEFINE what to say to prospects and clients in every part of the sales process

  • CONNECT with leaders who "get" you and understand the importance of building quality business relationships

  • ENGAGE those connections and turn them into your biggest fans

The first step to AMPLIFY your results: Being aware of what's getting in between you and your goals.

AMPLIFY will help you:

  • Prioritize the most important business building and lead generating activities

  • Connect with people who are already talking to your ideal client…this is going to save you so much time…you’re welcome.

  • Define what’s keeping you from just freaking crushing it…this was a huge eye-opener for me

What’s include in the AMPLIFY Your Business Results “Self-Study” program?

  • Bite-sized video modules that will amplify the ROI on your sales activities….we’re talking step-by-step instructions, my friend!

  • Worksheet for each module…to help you track your success and ideas

  • Ability to go at your own pace…finish the course in one day, one month or one year…it’s entirely up to you.

Lessons in this self study course include:

  • How to Make Our Message More Memorable

  • Where to Find Your Ideal Client & Referral Partners

  • Traits of Great Communicators

  • How to Avoid Time Monsters

  • Winning More Referrals Without Wasting Time

  • And, so much more

Join the Amplify Your Business Results course to up-level your processes, associations and skills to work with the clients you are meant to serve.

Here’s what other professionals are saying about working with Erica

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Amplify Your Business Results Self-Study Course is for professionals who are:

  • Tired of spinning their wheels at networking events

  • Struggling to build a following, on-line

  • Hearing “crickets”, when it come to their social media engagement

  • Challenged with finding their ideal customers or people to connect with

  • Unsure of the best “follow-up” strategy

  • Afraid of being too “salesy” or “pitchy” when they talk to prospects

  • Eager to “educate” and support others

  • Willing to make investment in yourself and the growth of your business

If you are ready to AMPLIFY your business leads, profits, and happy clients, sign up for AMPLIFY today.

Your investment: The course is valued at a LOT more than the asking price. Get access today for just $99.

The value of this program is way more than the cost…why?

  • I have invested over 100K in my own personal and professional development in the past 5 years. And…I keep investing.

  • I believe that you have a take first step. For most of you, it’s hard to justify spending a boat load of money on a program, on blind faith.

  • Massive results require a team effort…the more people in the AMPLIFY program, the more opportunity you have for professional and personal growth.

If I am going to be frank…

I am so tired of hearing that price is a barrier for you kicking ass and taking names in your business…but I also believe you find value in things that you pay for…period.

What are you waiting for…take the next step in AMPLIFYING your business results.

You’re investment of $99 will put you in a much stronger position to crush you business goals.

You have until April 22, 2019 to lock in this rate. Then, the price goes UP! Join me today!