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My name is Erica Castner, founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching & Consulting!  I LOVE helping working moms connect with the resources to save them time, create more work/life balance and find happiness.

From climbing the corporate ladder to entrepreneurship, needless to say, I am not a stranger to the professional development world. I am also the host of the podcast series, Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals Guide to Triumph & Success and the weekly live call series: Coffee With Queenie: Practical Advice for Working Moms. Working moms can also connect with the Facebook Community: "Proclamation of Power Moms".

My favorite people are my husband, Ed and my "gift" children, Lauren and Brooke. I love my community. In fact, I'm a member Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, American Business Women's Association - Sanibel Captiva Chapter, Above Board Chamber of Florida and The National Association of Professional Women.

TEAM CASTNER in April 2015...right after we adopted, our new dog, Auggie!

TEAM CASTNER in April 2015...right after we adopted, our new dog, Auggie!

I feel that it is necessary for every person to connect with a cause that are passionate about. I care so much for the personal and professional development of women that I am now the Dress For Success SW Florida Advisory Board Chair. I am also an inaugural Impact Initiative member, and a Gulfshore Business Magazine “40 under 40” alum.

Enough about me...I would love to learn more about you! What kinds of coaching or consulting resources do you need?

Most people work with me because:

-You are a working entrepreneur/business owner who is wearing WAY too many hats and would love a plan to kept it all straight

-You get overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate, on top of being a "perfect" wife/partner, mom, daughter, friend, colleague, etc.

-You feel disconnected from YOU! You take care of everything and everyone before you and you want to desperately get back to feeling like yourself again.

-You seem to attract one negative thing after another and often ask yourself, "When will I finally get my break?"

If any of this sounds like you...keep reading! I can totally relate!

In 2013, life looked pretty grand for me. I just gotten married, gained two beautiful "gift" daughters, and I was working a job that I loved.

In reality, I worked long days, no consistency with a day-to-day schedule, struggling to get away from a huge amount of debt, and was thirty-five pounds over weight.

I was incredibly burned out. So burned out, that all I wanted to do was drink a glass of wine or two and crash, only to get up and fake a smile through my next day. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. Always moving but going no where. 

To make matters worse, my beautiful teenage "gift" daughters were crying because they wanted more quality time with me and their dad, but we were always working. That was the final straw. Later that summer, I made a commitment to get control in my life. I was tired of letting my circumstances get in the way of my happiness. I deserved to live out my dreams and I was determined to "rock my universe".

Here was the challenge: as logical as this sounded, I had NO idea where to start. I lacked focus, confidence, and the will power to make it happened. As soon as I thought I was going to be in this "hell" forever, fate stepped in. I "won" two tickets to a "Life Mastery" workshop. It was a weekend workshop and I felt hesitant about spending my entire weekend to attend the event. But, something kept drawing me back in. Could this be the answer to finally turn my life around?

I heard a ton of things at this workshop that I had heard before but this time, I was ready to take action. That weekend, my husband and I made the commitment to invest in an eight-week coaching program, offered during the workshop. I was excited but also a little nervous about the financial and time commitment I just made.

"So, how did you go?", you ask? In a matter of ninety days, my life started to turn around. My husband and I created plan to pay-off debt, I lost 30 pounds (the healthy way), our relationship as a couple became stronger and we felt more connected with our children.

But, that wasn't all. I started to feel "lighter". Not because of the extra weight I was losing but, because my coach helped me release deep rooted fears. Fears that I never realized I had because they were buried so deep and too painful to talk about. These fears were showing up in every area of my life and holding me back. As soon as I addressed these fears and got out of my own way, the life that I truly desired started revealing itself to me.

Something else happened. I realized my purpose in life. In 2014, I made a promise to myself: to de-commit from the "9 to 5" mentality and build a career and life style around my terms. I spent the rest of the year building a plan to live out my dream of helping other professional women achieve greatness (their definition of this).

Was it easy? No. Did I learn a lot? Heck Yeah! I started step-by-step, day-by-day. I asked questions, I was willing to be coached through the process and more importantly, I figured out a way to make life incredibly simple!!!


In the process, I discovered the importance of bringing like-minded women together to support one another, while showing them ways to be more efficient in their they can get back to living the life they desire.

How do I do this? By eliminating the guess work for my clients. In a nut shell, my clients SAVE TIME because I've done the research for them! You like saving time, right?  

Out of my own pain and frustration of always being "busy" with too much on my plate, I have figured out a system that allows me to fit all the things that are important to me into my life.

There's so much more to this story but for now, all you need to know is, this one event changed the entire course of my life. It was the beginning of a new path to unravel what ABSOLUTELY works in creating more quality moments in life.  

I have also learned what doesn't work. I want to share with other working moms my insights of how I got to where I am today and how THEY can have all that they desire!

With a purpose-driven mindset and approach, I guide and empower my clients through strategic coaching to help them gain the results they seek. Through a simple process of self discovery, my system draws out what is most important to them. Then, we work together to help them tap into clarity and confidence from within.

Why am I so passionate about the success of working moms?

Well, I AM one! For most of us, it's important to please the ones that we love, even if that means we neglect ourselves first. I believe that we are more effective when we work on "us" first! I also think that the only way to improve ourselves is through healthy challenges along the way.

Being a business and breakthrough coach has allowed me the chance to use all my professional skills, personal development, and life experiences gained over fifteen years in the sales and training industry. I earned my Total Life Mastery Certification through Life Coach Universe®. 

As much as I am committed to the success of my clients, it's important to realize that in order to work with me in any of my programs, you've gotta want success for yourself more than I want it for you!

What's keeping you from creating the life and business you absolutely desire?

Think things will work themselves out without a plan? Chances are, things won't change without doing something different. Change begins with us being honest with the person in the mirror. Change also requires us to get out of our comfort zone. Guess what? Our comfort zone is always shifting. Our work to "change" is never done and it's always evolving!

Not sure where to start? I was in the same boat. Once I started letting someone else guide me...see my challenges from a different perspective, things started to shift for me in a HUGE way!

What can you expect when you work with me? For starters, we access your current situation. We quickly determine the weakest link in your life and/or business and work fast to strengthen this link. Naturally, once we improve this area, everything else in your life starts improving, as well. There are a few ways we can work together. 

Have more questions about working with me? Set up a discovery session today. It's complimentary and could be the game changer in your life! I hope you will accept my invitation to chat for 30 minutes. 

I LOVE helping working moms connect with the resources to save them time, create more work/life balance and find happiness. 

I have also discovered the importance of bringing like-minded women together to support one another. Together, we more efficient in our we can get back to living the life we desire. 

Want to surround yourself with a great team? You don't have to settle for less than what you desire!!! All it takes is for you to surround yourself with others to help you reach your fullest potential! Challenges can't fix themselves without change. Let's work together!

Here's what other are saying about Erica:

Erica’s powerful introspective desire to help people create the success they desire–combined with her hands-on business skills–creates a coaching experience for her clients that is unmatched in her chosen field. I know you will be more than happy with your end-result after choosing Erica as your business coach.
— David Essel, M.S., Founder Life Coach Universe®, Life Coach Certifications
Erica guided me through a turnaround strategy for my family grocery business of 40 years and to mastermind my writing and mastermind consulting career. Erica helped coach me to better understand my businesses. She provided clarity through her insightful observations and by asking me great food-for-thought questions. Erica is a creative, down-to-earth and focused professional.
— Emily Ramdas, Entrepreneur & Writer, Canada

What are you waiting for? Let's start creating the business and life you absolutely desire!! Book your complimentary discovery call TODAY!


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