Want to Rock YOur BusinessLike A Boss Lady.png

Ready to positively influence a group of your ideal clients and build a "tribe" of loyal followers?

Would you like for people to refer you more business? 

Are you constantly distracted by ALL the things on your plate? 


If you said "yes" to any of these questions then, the "Rock Your Business in 60 Days" Intensive is the perfect workshop series for you!  Not everyone gets a back-stage pass to this party but YOU do because you are one of the finest, well-respected, hard-working boss ladies doing your thing! Quite simply...YOU ROCK!

Now, why are you here? I think I may have a guess or two (after all, this isn't my first rodeo)

You may be here because of one or more of these reasons:

  • You've got the skills and smarts to be the expert in your industry but the phone isn't ringing like you are
  • You are at every networking event, know so many people in your community but nobody's hooking you up with referrals
  • You want to "scale" your biz in a BIG way but you have no idea how to this or much less, put one more thing on your plate
  • You see your "competition" dominating your market and wish you had their marketing budget, manpower, and confidence to pull this off for yourself

What if I told you that there was a way to position you as THE "go-to" person for the product or service you provide, in the next 60-days? You CAN and here's how I can help:

  • The "Rock Your Biz in 60 Days" Training Experience will help you capture your target audience by teaching you to communicate your "offer" with power and poise. 
  • Over the next 60 days, we will cover strategies that will get you from "under a rock" to "rock star".
  • And, if you are currently feeling envious of others' success now, you'll be changing your tune from "I wish I could..." to " I know I can..."

Since this a beta testing program, this means you will be participating at an extremely low cost investment. (Why am I charging a nominal fee? Well, statistics show, if you've got little skin in the game, you more likely to follow through). In return for getting in at this super savings, I am asking you for honest feedback on what's working, what doesn't and what's missing.

This a self-study program that includes four "power" modules to get you more visible and connected to tools that will accelerate your business. At the same time you will be working smarter, not hared to make it happen.

Modules will be delivered to your inbox, every other week for the eight weeks, starting 12/27.

Training will include (just to name a few):

  • Four modules with with a combination of audio files, videos, worksheets and templates on topics like (just to name a few:
    • How to Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients...Faster
    • The Five Ways to Shatter Procrastination and Get Stuff Done
    • Access to Time Saving “Connection” Strategies to Grow Your Business
    • Do THIS…Not That: Avoiding Sins of Networking & What You Should Do Instead
  • A 30-minute pow-wow with yours truly...this helps me get a sense of where you are
  • A private Facebook group to connect with the other participants
  • Email support and virtual office hours
  • Mindset training...think this one doesn't matter? Think again...if you ain't got this one down, no "how-to" guide can really save you...so, Yes, it really matters!
How am I the Expert?.png

Many of you know me as the "Power Mom" leader and business connection Queen. Since 2006, I have been hooking leaders up with the most amazing resources to rock their business and rule their world. But, I wasn't born with this ability!

You see, I used to dream about being a leader in my community and the go-to expert in my field. But, I thought that level of "clout" or "status" only came to those who were born into it or knew the "right" people. 

I knew I was destined to help a ton of people and place a sparkly, yet meaningful impact on this world. I just didn't know how I could do it. So, I started asking people to help me. I learned from some of the greatest teachers and mentors of how to carry myself, connect with authenticity, and show up in a big way!

Want all that for yourself? I know that's in store for you and I am here to help you get it!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE structure. I am so committed to helping you breakthrough the BS that's holding you back from being the shining star I know you are. Building a business (lady boss style) is not an easy feat. I know you know that or you wouldn't be here. 

So, what will you need to come to the table with to participate in this special program?

  • Be willing to have a 30-minute "getting to know you" session with me so I can assess your current situation.
  • Must be able to commit 2-3 hours a week to the bonus assignments
  • Complete a short survey after each session
  • Provide a short testimonial about how the program impacted you
  • Be willing to pay (in-full) a small tuition fee to participate

The total value of this program (four training modules, worksheets, private Facebook group with virtual office hours, one-time private coaching session with me) is valued at $4,478. 

****For all four modules, you will pay one low price $197 (until December 18, then price goes up to $397**** Because of the pace and direct assess to me, I am only taking 10 participants in the group. 

Disclaimer: This training course is for you if you are ready to make changes in your life & business. This is not a magic pill that is going to solve all your problems by the end of the course. Results are dependent on YOU to commit to improving your life.

If you are ready to take action to ROCK YOUR BIZ in 60 Days...lock in your spot now!!! Remember, I am only letting 10 "ROCKSTARS" into the party. After that, you will not be able to join this party until mid-Spring 2017...and of course, the will be a higher premium to get in.