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049: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success

Marc Mawhinney is "The Coach for Coaches", host of the daily podcast "Natural Born Coaches", and passionate about helping coaches achieve success! He works specifically with coaches to help them build their businesses, get more clients, and have more fun coaching. His is also the host of the Podcast series, “Natural Born Coaches” where he interviews other coaches, around the world, who share their ideas on how to build a better coaching business!

Marc admits he’s not the patient of people, but he’s working on this. He says that patience is an issue for a lot of entrepreneurs because they are seeing online content from people saying it’s easy to get rich in only a few hours a week. 

“I think we have to remember that building a business takes blood, sweat and tears” 

In today’s social media era, he says we sometimes have to slow down and realize it’s a process and it’s going to take time to building a business.

“The good news is if you’re consistent putting the work in, then you probably will be successful” 

Marc is now in the third year of his coaching business, after spending more than a decade in real estate. He credits his time in real estate with teaching him how to work hard, with daily cold calls and putting in up to 100 hours a week building that business.

“It taught me I had to grind. I had to hustle every single day.” 

Everybody wants to do something they love, make money, impact lives and set their own schedule, but not a lot of people are actually able to put in the hard work and make the sacrifices required to do so (see “INTERVIEW LINKS” for Blair Singer’s book Marc mentions). 

“Very few people have the willpower and drive to be entrepreneurs” 

In order to balance his week, Marc batches many common activities together and blocks off time in his schedule for particular tasks. He sets aside Mondays for coaching clients (morning until night), Tuesday is his day for recording interviews with guests for his daily podcast, Wednesday is for time with his son, and so on. 

For 2016, he’s working towards a better balance so he can travel more, attend conferences as well as continue working towards completing his first book.

In order to systemize his business, he uses many useful tools such as Edgar for social media scheduling and ScheduleOnce as his online calendar (see “INTERVIEW LINKS” for full list of resources mentioned by Marc and Erica during this interview). 

Coffee meetings, when travel is factored in, can take hours of time and isn’t idea for coaching sessions either due to a lack of privacy. As Marc’s clients are mainly located outside of his local area, he does everything by Skype. 

He says coaches and entrepreneurs have to be smart with their time, and if someone requests a call with him, he first asks what it will be about. Often, the purpose can be achieved by email. Marie Forleo has a great article on what to say to people who are looking to just “pick your brain” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). 

“You can’t just give your time away to anybody if they ask for it” 

Marc reminds people that your time is valuable, but make sure that you’re spending that time doing the most productive things for your business.