052: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success with Hope Daley

Hope Daley has over 13 years of experience in National Television and Radio. She has programmed 3 National Television Channels on Dish Network and oversaw 85 TV and Radio affiliate channels. She has produced over 500 Television episodes and over 500 more projects over the last 5 years that included film documentaries, TV shows, Fundraising mini documentaries, TV commercials, etc.

She was named a 2009 Gulf Shore Business Magazine "40 under 40" winner, a 2009, 2010 and 2014 Telly Award winner and 2014 Davy Award winner.Hope says that being in the television industry originally wasn’t on her “to-do” list, but her sales and marketing background led her to working for a cable provider.

She had an amazing female boss that she considers her mentor. "She saw things in me that I would have never even thought about in myself”

Hope moved into producing original content and with the downturn in the economy, she and her husband started their own company, Guerilla Media (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

She says that working with her husband is a unique situation and people often ask her how they can do this.

Their biggest challenge has been going from corporate salaries to being completely on their own, and doing it with the last $6,000 they had.

“There was really no option for us. When we made the decision, it was like, 'we’ve got to do it'”.

The process of starting a business together led to them learning a lot about each other in terms of how they handle different situations and their communication styles.

“He’s really the dreamer and I’m the painful realist. It’s good because it gives us a better balance.” In the early days, they needed a third-party business coach to help make a decision, if they were deadlocked.

Hope believes that fear often keeps people from being successful. She says this can be a fear of failure, but also a fear of success. Even with all the awards she has received during her time in the industry, she still has her own doubts.

Being an only child, Hope is more accustomed to being along than being in a room full of people or presenting in front of an audience. “This is something I’m working on changing. The more you do it, the better it is.”

Erica adds that it’s not about the end result and that business will come if you build the relationships.

Hope shares that you still have to do the marketing and get people to know what you do, but agrees that it comes down to the relationships. The biggest lesson she has learned is that you can’t attend every event, be everywhere, and meet everyone.

“Find a couple of key groups that have things that are essential to you. Your time is valuable; don’t waste it.” She is excited for the fact that people are starting to “get it”. Businesses are taking the leap and understanding what video can do for them.

“I didn’t understand why other people didn’t understand” The wide variety of clients that Hope gets to work with makes it more fun for her. She says they range from non-profit organizations, to corporations, to inventors, and more.

“Thankfully, video is not limited to your TV anymore and social media is huge”

Having the right systems in place, including in the proposal process has helped her company win jobs.

“I don’t want any surprises and I don’t want my clients to have any surprises”

Having a straight forward but well-explained agreement in place with a client, before starting work, is important and can take away the stress of any misunderstandings.

By simplifying the process, the benefit has been huge to Hope’s company, as well as for the clients. “There has to be trust. Part of building that trust is being transparent and trying to make it simple for them”. She says she’ll give the client what he or she wants, but always after making sure to give her professional opinion.

Hope believes that it is good to be aware of the competition, but you don’t need to base your own self-development on what other people are doing.

“You’re never going to be happy if you’re always comparing”

Hope is currently working on a weekly web series for a client who is a tailor in her town called “Jackets Required” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS).




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