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048: Proclamation of Persistence: The Busy Professionals' Guide to Triumph & Success

Zechariah Newman builds business, runs marathons and lives life with his wonderful family in Southern Oregon. You can see his writing in places like Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, MindBodyGreen and Addicted 2 Success. His goal is to help you build your business, while keeping a balanced and fulfilled life. 

Zechariah owns two pizza restaurants, and when his daughter was born 7 years ago, he started wondering about what impact her was going to leave on the world. He started writing online, as well as appearing on podcasts as a guest.

“How can I make a bigger impact? What makes me come alive as a person is to restore others” 

He says his biggest challenge has been to realize that there are different “seasons” in life. He’s had to learn how to know himself and his situation.  

Zechariah advises others to get a coach, because we all need outside perspective. In terms of his own personal development, he’s constantly re-revaluating things, as well as meditating and praying every morning.

He runs marathons to rest, realizing it might sound crazy to others. 

“(Running) is when I tune out the world” 

2015 was a year of big publications for him, appearing in places that gave him a “megaphone” for what he’s been saying. In 2016, he will be doing a number of speaking engagements. Zechariah says he gets a lot of his writing content from questions he gets asks during these events. As well, he will be releasing another book this year. 

His tip to others is to set boundaries. To do this himself, Zechariah turns off his smartphone at certain points in the day and sets an “end point” to his day where he stops all work (7:30 pm).

When he first started his blog, he wrote for two months and told no one because he was scared of what people would think, and for fear of rejection. 

“It’s been a slow process of belief (with my writing)” 

He says that there will also be people that reject us. 

“You have to be hated by few to be loved, and to resonate. It’s just the reality.” 

Zechariah shares that not having a true head/heart connection holds people back from pursuing their desires. His heart’s “why” is what gets him over the fear of rejection. 

“Figure out what makes your heart cry out, and then work on monetizing it” 

He wrote online before making any money from it. 

“If it’s not connected to something else, you’re going to give up; if I wasn’t loving the process, there’s no way I’d still be doing anything I’m doing.” 

Zechariah feels that money is a by-product, and not something we should chase. 

“If you serve people, (money) will come” 

He concludes with telling listeners that it’s the “why” that will remove distractions, disinterest and discouragement, and it will keep you going. 


http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/251636 (Zechariah’s article mentioned in interview) 


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